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3D Design
Product Design Solutions

Ansys 3D design tools enable engineering teams to significantly boost productivity, spur innovation and speed time to market. 3D design software allows your team to make smarter, faster decisions by reducing product development costs and improving workflows. Ansys enables you to build market-leading products while accounting for real-world behaviors with less prototyping.


More time innovating.

Less time waiting for design answers.

Engineering Speed

Ansys 3D product design tools offer an intuitive, tremendously fast user experience that's built for design engineering workflows. Teams can innovate more designs in less time, provide rapid design exploration and deliver detailed insight into real-world product performance. Live physics simulation and accurate high-fidelity simulation come together in a single easy-to-use interface, letting engineers easily evaluate feedback on design changes.

Ansys Topology Optimization

Ansys Topology Optimization produces design insights in real-time, driving inspiration and lightweighting design possibilities in less time.


Computation fluid dynamics delivers accurate insights into product performance.

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What's New

Ansys 2023 R1 expands Discovery’s astonishing live physics, innovative user experience, and robust modeling tools, making it a critical piece of the Ansys digital simulation thread and the best place to start simulation for every engineer and analyst. 

3D Design What's New


Ansys Discovery

Ansys 2023 R1 Novità Ansys Discovery

Ansys 2023 R1 amplia la fisica in tempo reale di Discovery, l'esperienza utente innovativa e i robusti strumenti di modellazione, rendendolo un elemento fondamentale del thread di simulazione digitale Ansys e il miglior punto di partenza per la simulazione per ogni ingegnere e analista.

3D Design Products

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With the interactive nature of Ansys Discovery, engineers can test several design ideas in mere seconds, receiving immediate insight around the structural performance of a design. Expect to quickly observe the different modes of vibration and receive a rapid understanding of resonant frequencies. Ansys Discovery removes barriers that previously prevented engineers from using engineering simulation. Instead of dealing with the difficulty of performing structural analyses on complicated geometry, the abilities of Ansys Discovery allow for near-instant simulation results once loads get established.

Whether you’re addressing internal or external flow, you can explore a variety of fluid wonders. Incorporate porous media into your analysis when applicable. When you’re ready for additional detail and higher accuracy, use the Ansys Fluent solver within the Discovery environment, without changing your model or your workflow.

The speed of the Ansys Discovery topology optimization tool is extremely handy, but the interactivity of the tool for generative design — the first-ever offering of its kind — means engineers can easily evaluate a wide-ranging spectrum of product behaviors to uncover the perfect design solution. Topology optimization capabilities account for manufacturing constraints and can apply to multiple load cases and physics, including modal and structural simulations, giving Discovery additional uses across multiple product designs.

The real-time heat flow and temperature distribution information enables you to test ideas in real time, iterating and ideating along the way to find the best solution for your design needs. Leverage conjugate heat transfer (CHT) to determine fluid and solid temperatures for evaluating fluid and thermal performance of product designs. Solve a wide range of product design challenges with multiphysics simulation capabilities across numerous industry applications.

Quickly observe the impact of antenna locations and receive a rapid understanding of problems. Whether you have a basic CAD model or one with 1000 threaded screws, there's no need to simplify your CAD geometry. With fast, direct geometry editing powered by Ansys SpaceClaim, adjust the antenna location in real-time and instantly see the impact. 

Let the power of SpaceClaim's streamlined workflows reduce model pre-processing time from weeks or days to hours or minutes, all while eliminating the need to outsource CAD modifications. Whether you're modifying existing geometry or creating simplified representations, SpaceClaim eliminates geometry bottlenecks to let engineers focus on physics. Simulation-driven product development allows parameterizing of any model and includes bidirectional linkage to Ansys Workbench for seamless integration of geometry. This allows for fast, bottleneck-free answers in 3D.




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Heat exchangers

Heat Exchangers

Ansys enables heat exchanger design optimization for energy efficiency, materials selection, and life prediction under harsh operating conditions.

Heat Exchangers
Telaio del veicolo

Telaio del veicolo

L'ottimizzazione della progettazione del telaio con la simulazione aiuta a fornire la prossima generazione di veicoli: sicuri, leggeri, a basso costo, durevoli, affidabili e ad elevate prestazioni.


Interno del veicolo

Scopri come la simulazione Ansys permette l'ottimizzazione del design degli interni dei veicoli: dal comfort e dal rumore all'interfaccia uomo-macchina.

Organi di trasmissione del veicolo

Organi di trasmissione del veicolo

Scopri come la simulazione Ansys consente l'ottimizzazione della progettazione degli organi di trasmissione dei veicoli per raggiungere gli obiettivi di prestazioni, efficienza dei consumi e ambientali.



Sviluppare impianti innovativi e durevoli che siano conformi  alla fisiologia del paziente e che rispettino i requisiti di compatibilità con la risonanza magnetica.


Featured Webinars

Webinar Series
3D Ansys discovery trial
The All-New Ansys Discovery Webinar Series: 7 Tips in 17 Minutes

Learn how Discovery can help you improve effectiveness across valves, address structural simulation challenges, overcome thermal management issues and perform topology optimization and much more...all in 17 minutes.

Webinar Series
Ansys 3D Spaceclaim trial
Leverage Ansys SpaceClaim for Design to Manufacturing

In this webinar series, we will highlight how you can leverage SpaceClaim for identifying and addressing costly CAD challenges that can delay manufacturing. 

Webinar Series
Solving design challenges with Ansys Discovery and Fluent
Solving Design Challenges with Ansys Discovery and Fluent

This webinar series explores how you can leverage Ansys Discovery’s real-time physics simulation and harness the power of Ansys Fluent inside Discovery to determine if your “best design” holds true to your performance goals. We will also showcase how engineering analysis can help optimize the design and operation of ventilation systems for the transportation industry.


Ansys challenges simulation driven design

The Four Benefits of Simulation-Driven Design

This report presents the business benefits of taking a simulation-driven design approach, enabled by engineers, across the design cycle. 


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