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Thermal Analysis Software

Know how thermal energy will affect the efficiency, reliability and safety of your products.


3D Thermal Analysis and Modeling

When a smartphone is held in a human hand. When a high-power circuit board is confined in a compact enclosure. When industrial equipment is exposed to extreme weather. Ansys thermal analysis solutions help engineers solve the most complex thermal challenges to predict how their designs will perform with temperature changes.

  • Account for temperature fluctuations
    Account for temperature fluctuations
  • Prevent overheating issues
    Prevent overheating issues
  • Improve product reliability across environments
    Improve product reliability across environments
  • Avoid multiple product prototypes and test failures
    Avoid multiple product prototypes and test failures
  • Minimize last minute design iterations
    Minimize last minute design iterations
  • Improve collaboration between electrical and mechanical engineering teams
    Improve collaboration between electrical and mechanical engineering teams

Find the right thermal simulation software for your use case

Thermal simulation provides deeper insights into a product’s behavior with different temperature scenarios, so engineers can see how their designs will be impacted by temperature changes. Knowing these outcomes enables teams to quickly adjust designs to achieve peak product performance.

Ansys simulations provide for a wide range of thermal management issues. Across industries and applications, many of these powerful solvers can be integrated through Ansys Workbench for accurate answers to virtually any thermal problem.

Primary Thermal Applications

Electronics thermal simulation

Understand the thermal behavior of your electronic designs by simulating cooling strategies and overall thermal management for electronic assemblies within all types of products. See how each component’s response to heat and cold will affect overall performance.

PCB thermal simulation

Identify thermal problems in printed circuit boards and integrated circuits to prevent degradation in performance of electronics devices across all industries: automotive, aerospace and defense, consumer electronics, healthcare and energy.

Battery thermal simulation

Ensure a reliable and long-lasting battery by keeping it within its desired operating temperature range. Improve battery power and longevity while also identifying ways to reduce the size of batteries for engines and electronic devices.

Structural analysis

Identify how temperature distribution can cause materials in your design to expand and contract. Test multiple scenarios to measure stresses and deformations caused by changes in temperature.

Thermal Desktop

Software for heat transfer analysis, thermal radiation, environmental heating, and fluid flow design - the comprehensive two-phase flow capabilities make our software unique. It can produce analytical answers, and with the Advanced Design Module, becoming a component and system design tool that supports parametric studies, design optimization, and model correlation.

Featured Products

Get help with your thermal challenges

Experts from the Ansys Customer Excellence (ACE) team are dedicated to helping you get the most from our thermal simulation software. The ACE team includes over 450 Ph.D.s who have solved a vast array of engineering simulation problems so they are well-equipped to help you overcome whatever challenges you are facing.

Featured Resources


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Thermal Performance of Inverter Bus Bars with Complex Harmonic Content

Learn how multiphysics simulations can address key reliability requirements for automotive electronics with thermal  thermal-aware EM and thermal-induced stress analyses.

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Discover Accurate and Efficient Thermal Analysis with the New AEDT Mechanical Integration

Import electromagnetic losses and set up and analyze thermal models of your electromagnetic designs with AEDT and Ansys Mechanical integration.

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Electro-Thermal Analysis Using Icepak in Ansys Electronics Desktop

With the native integration of Ansys Icepak into the Ansys Electronics Desktop, Ansys users can now benefit from a highly streamlined electromagnetic-thermal analysis workflow that promotes better collaboration between electrical and thermal engineers.

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Electrical and Thermal Reliability Analysis of PCB with Ansys SIwave, Icepak, Mechanical and Sherlock

In this webinar, learn how Ansys SIwave, Icepak, Mechanical and Sherlock can be used as a comprehensive multiphysics solution to optimize PCB reliability.



Ansys + KTM MotorCross

In the spirit of no-trace off-road adventure, KTM, a European motorcycle manufacturer, is focused on taking electrification to the trails with its E-Ride dirt bike. With support from Ansys’ channel partner CADFEM, KTM leveraged Ansys Twin Builder and Ansys Mechanical to develop a simulation workflow and a full 3D model useful in the virtual design, validation, and verification of a traction battery with optimized thermal properties.


Creotech Instruments Creates Next-Generation Microsatellites with Multiphysics Simulation

Learn how Ansys multiphysics simulation helped Creotech create virtual prototypes of satellite components, modules and subsystems, enabling their engineers to analyze designs and verify their expected operation.


Continental Investigates the Effect of Solder Geometry and Board Boundry Conditions on Solder Thermal Fatigue

Using Ansys Sherlock, Continental was able to identify the solder geometry and board boundary conditions that yielded the lowest probability of failure.



Hot Flash - Ansys Advantage - Article - V10 I1

Fairchild Semiconductors decreased development time for electronic components for electric and hybrid electric vehicles using a reduced-order method.


Simulation: Leading the Pack

Electro-thermal coupling helps electric vehicle battery pack designers optimize battery performance using simulation.


Savings Boil Over

Ferroli saves prototype costs and time to market by using Ansys Fluent for boiler design.

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