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Rotating Machinery

Rotating Machinery Analysis Tools


Rotating Machinery Simulation and Optimization

Ansys offers state-of-the-art software to help design a wide variety of rotating machinery equipment. Whether you are developing fans, pumps, compressors or turbines, Ansys simulation software allows you to quickly iterate and improve on designs. Simulation provides insight to key metrics prior to manufacturing and testing. It is a reliable method to increase efficiency and reduce development costs and time to market.

  • Structural Durability and Reliability
    Structural Durability and Reliability
  • Increased Efficiency
    Increased Efficiency
  • Process Integration and Design Optimization
    Process Integration and Design Optimization
  • Predictive Maintenance and Digital Twin
    Predictive Maintenance and Digital Twin
simulation and optimization

High-Performance Software With Proven Results

Ansys simulation software is extensively validated across multiple industries and applications. These simulation tools provide accurate and reliable data that drastically reduce manufacturing costs and test time. Additionally, all simulation software is built with an emphasis on streamlined, intuitive workflows that give engineers more time to focus on critical design decisions.

10% Performance Increase

Simulation allows you to rapidly analyze product performance and iterate to increase performance.

30% Cost Reduction

Simulation allows engineers to develop better performing products faster compared to traditional prototype based designs processes.

25x Design Cycle Time Reduction

Ansys simulation helps reduce design optimization compared to the build-and-test method.

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Accurate Simulation Tools with Proven Results

Ansys has a comprehensive collection of simulation software that's perfect for rotating machinery applications. The solutions can help engineers solve a wide variety of complex problems such as minimizing turbine vibration or optimizing fluid flow for a hydrogenator. These validated tools allow you to quickly optimize designs and bring products to market faster.

Shaking all over

Engineers utilize Ansys tools to minimize turbine vibration and extend product lifetime

Unwanted vibration can be extremely difficult to analyze. If ignored, it can lead to performance issues and may require more system maintenance. For the engineers at Voith Hydro, an unwelcome vibration had the potential to crack the guide vanes in their water turbine. They turned to Ansys multiphysics simulation tools to detect the vibration source and correct the issue.


A leading pump manufacturer gains critical design insight using simulation-driven development

Grundfos is a world-renowned pump manufacturer. Previously, the company relied on FEA and CFD for design validation. With the introduction of advanced simulation software, Grundfos completely overhauled their design process. Ansys multiphysics simulation tools allow Grundfos to execute in-depth virtual analysis and bring better products to market quicker. 

Rising Tide Ansys article

Engineering consultants turn to simulation tools to optimize a tidal current power generator

Modern electricity consumption has driven the demand for high-quality renewable energy technology. One novel approach is capturing the kinetic energy that exists within ocean tides. Rather than a trial-and-error method, SeaUrchin turned to Ansys simulation to develop their next iteration. With simulation, they quickly gained insight to where their product could be optimized, and eventually developed a version that harvested four times more energy than previous solutions.

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