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Gas Turbine Simulation

Gas Turbine Simulation Software solution helping design next generation gas turbines


Gas Turbine Design, Modeling and Simulation 

Leverage Ansys simulation to design the next generation of gas turbines. Optimize your gas turbine design process, minimize overdesign, reduce costs and accelerate time to market with our end-to-end solution. By using digital testing early in development, design changes can be made quickly and more affordably. Ansys can help you innovate and design safe, reliable and efficient gas turbines.

  • Increase Performance and Efficiency
    Increase Performance and Efficiency
  • Meet Environmental Regulations
    Meet Environmental Regulations
  • Improve Durability and Safety
    Improve Durability and Safety
  • Reduce Cost and Time to Market
    Reduce Cost and Time to Market
Gas turbine design, modeling and simulation

Efficient Gas Turbine Design

Ansys Gas Turbine

15% Reduction In Fuel Burn

Leverage simulations to tune the overall performance of your gas turbine by reducing specific fuel consumption.

30% Cost Reduction

Explore how efficient simulation solutions help to cut development costs and reliance on physical testing.

33% Design Cycle Time Reduction

Discover how simulation helps to streamline the design process and reduce cycle time and minimize overdesign.

9x-16x return on investment

Investing in simulation provides a competitive edge.

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Optimize Gas Turbine Design with Simulation

Designing gas turbines to meet performance and safety standards remains a challenging process. Ansys offers a best-in-class multiphysics simulation solution for all gas turbine modules from inlet to exhaust. The end-to-end solution helps engine manufacturers increase safety, performance and efficiency while reducing emissions, noise, weight and maintenance cost.

Gas Turbine Simulation

Ansys delivers an end-to-end solution, providing a streamlined workflow that enables you to design innovative gas turbines

Leverage simulation to design gas turbines that meet performance and safety standards. Ansys’ gas turbine simulation solution helps to cut costs, speed time to market and reduce overdesign. 

CFD simulation

Learn to account for cooling holes in CFD simulations

Turbine designers are challenged with perfecting blade aerodynamics while minimizing the use of cooling air. The size of cooling holes must be optimized in order to minimize the impact on aerodynamic efficiency.

Gas turbine housing

Ansys + SIEMENS analyzes fatigue behavior of a gas turbine housing

SIEMENS AG applies Ansys, Statistics on Structures and Ansys optiSLang for probabilistic analyses of geometric variations and their influence on the fatigue behavior of a gas turbine housing.

Simulation Solutions

Ansys Offers Best-in-Class Gas Turbine Simulation Solutions

Gas turbine simulation is an integral part of the design process. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) demand robust, fast and accurate solutions to reach optimized designs the first time. Ansys offers a range of solutions including, but not limited to:

  • Aerodynamic performance
  • Combustion, acoustics and aerothermal
  • Structural durability and reliability
  • Foreign object damage, blade out and icing
  • Additive manufacturing, digital twin and ROMs
  • Process compression; Workflow Management

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