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Battery Reliability Prediction and Modeling Solutions

Simulate for battery durability, reliability and safety.


Ensure Battery Safety and Durability

Batteries can be exposed to a variety of situations that can compromise their safety. To ensure battery durability, Ansys offers solutions for industry standards including SAE J2464, UL 2580, IEC 62619, SAND 2017-6925 and NASA JSC 2073. Simulate and optimize housing designs and reinforcements to build the safest battery on the market.

  • Impact and Drop Test
    Impact and Drop Test
  • Thermal Stress
    Thermal Stress
  • Comprehensive Materials Library
    Comprehensive Materials Library
  • Random Vibration and Fatigue
    Random Vibration and Fatigue
Ensure battery safety and durability

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Ensure the Reliability and Safety of Your Product

As your company and its products increasingly rely on battery power, it’s critical that you consider battery safety, reliability and performance. Determining if your approach to integrating batteries into your product is safe and reliable requires a thorough understanding of the chemistry and failure modes in batteries, and an evaluation of which battery technology is ideal for your product.

Ansys solution for structural integrity assessment of li-on battery packs

Ansys’ Solution for Structural Integrity Assessment of Li-on Battery Packs

This webinar focuses on battery structural analysis to address critical design challenges, such as vibration, reliability and crash safety.

Predicting battery failure with Ansys simulation

Predicting Battery Failure with Ansys Simulation

Battery packs are an integral part of the electrification and electric vehicle revolution. Preventing battery failure requires a thorough understanding of battery design and crash response.

Design for Safety Standards and Durability

When you have limited space for placement and need to meet safety standards, Ansys can help. Temperature, size and placement all present challenges that impact overall battery durability. To help ensure the safest, lightest design, we offer industry leading capabilities to avoid structural failure types, including:

  • Impact
  • Penetration
  • Crush
Design for Safety Standards and Durability

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