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Ansys Learning Hub
Login Support Guide

Your access to the Ansys Learning Hub (ALH) has been denied. ​This could be due to one of the following:​

You have purchased an Ansys Learning Hub subscription in the Ansys Store today:

Login failed due to an error in the user creation process. The process has re-started and takes more time to complete. Please wait for 5 mins and login again HERE. If the login fails again please contact and report this problem.

Your Ansys Account and your ALH subscription have different usernames:​

  • ALH does not recognize the username (your registered e-mail address) from your Ansys Account. You need to contact to adjust your username (e-mail) for your ALH subscription. ​

You have an Ansys Account, but you do not have an Ansys Learning Hub Subscription:​

  • If you have an activation code, you need to register HERE
  • You are aware your organization has a companywide subscription, but you do not know your activation code, contact your Ansys Customer / Sales Representative.​
  • Sign up for a 30-day trial today or buy an individual subscription through the Ansys Store

You have an Ansys Account and your ALH subscription has expired:

  • To renew your subscription, visit the Ansys Store ​or contact your Ansys Customer / Sales Representative.​

You have an Ansys Account and your Evaluation subscription was deactivated due to inactivity:

  • To reactivate your evaluation, contact your Ansys Customer/Sales Representative.