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Ansys Lumerical Photonic Verilog-A Platform
Runtime Library and Utilities for PIC Simulation

Ansys Lumerical Verilog-A Platform is the first commercial solution for modeling photonics using Verilog-A. Design and implement electronic-photonic integrated systems in conjunction with leading EDA simulators.


Accurate Photonic Circuit Modeling with Verilog-A Models

Ansys Lumerical’s Photonic Verilog-A Platform enables multi-mode, multi-channel, and bidirectional photonic circuit modelling when used in conjunction with industry’s leading EDA simulators, facilitating the design and implementation of electronic-photonic integrated systems.

  • Model Photonics Using Verilog-A
    Model Photonics Using Verilog-A
  • Scalable Optical Channels and Modes
    Scalable Optical Channels and Modes
  • Bidirectional Optical Port
    Bidirectional Optical Port
  • Consistency Between Schematic and Layout
    Consistency Between Schematic and Layout
Ansys Lumerical Photonic Verilog A

Quick Specs

Ansys Lumerical’s Verilog-A models accurately represent component behavior, and are consistent with INTERCONNECT models as they are generated from the same data source using CML Compiler.

  • IP Protection Through CML Encryption
  • Automated Model Generation using CML Compiler
  • Fixed & Parameterized Photonic Models
  • Leverage advanced features of EDA simulators
  • Version controlled models


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Ansys Lumerical’s System Level Tools and CML Compiler

This webinar starts with an overview of Ansys Lumerical’s system level tools with special focus on the statistical support available with INTERCONNECT and CML Compiler. It then discusses the many new features available with the recent 2020 R2 release including spatial correlations in statistical circuit analysis.


Automatically generate photonic Verilog-A models

Automate your Verilog-A model generation with CML Compiler and enjoy the versatility needed when modeling photonic integrated circuits. Ansys Lumerical offers the first commercial solution for modeling photonics using Verilog-A, including bidirectional optical ports, scalable optical channels and modes, and innovative features for ensuring consistency between schematic and layout. Verilog-A models accurately represent component behavior and remain consistent with INTERCONNECT models, providing flexibility of multiple workflows.


Key Features

Modeling versatility helps accurately represent component behavior. The flexibility in Verilog-A provides improved modeling performance.

  • Automated Model Generation
  • Variety of Photonic Models
  • Build Custom Models 

Enjoy automated and reproducible generation of version-controlled models Verilog-A through CML Compiler. 

Various fixed and parameterized photonic models are available, including CW lasers, waveguides, optical phase shifters, photodetectors, and optical N-port S-parameter elements. Obtain Lumerical’s Verilog-A models from production foundry PDKs (coming soon).

Build your own custom Verilog-A models based on Lumerical’s Verilog-A runtime API. 

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