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Ansys Lumerical INTERCONNECT
Photonic Integrated Circuit Simulator

Ansys Lumerical INTERCONNECT simulates photonic integrated circuits in the time and frequency domains.


INTERCONNECT is Ansys Lumerical's Photonic Integrated Circuit Simulator

INTERCONNECT, Lumerical’s photonic integrated circuit simulator, verifies multimode, bidirectional, and multi-channel PICs. Creating your project in our hierarchical schematic editor, you can use our extensive library of primitive elements, as well as foundry-specific PDK elements, to perform analysis in the time or frequency domain.

  • Hierarchical Schematic Editor
    Hierarchical Schematic Editor
  • PIC Element Libraries
    PIC Element Libraries
  • EDA Interoperability
    EDA Interoperability
  • Statistical Analysis
    Statistical Analysis

Quick Specs

Lumerical INTERCONNECT includes a broad set of features and workflows with an extensive library of primitive elements, as well as foundry-specific PDK elements. 

  • Hierarchical design
  • Transient Block Analysis
  • Mixed Signal Representation
  • Import Compact Libraries Models
  • GUI and Lumerical scripting
  • Transient sample model simulator
  • Electronic-Photonic co-simulation
  • Travelling Wave Laser Model
  • Frequency Domain Analysis
  • Multimode and Multichannel Support
  • Parameter Sweeps
  • Statistical Analysis

JULY 2023

What's New

The 2023 R2 release includes new features in Ansys Lumerical INTERCONNECT for new photonic element models and enhanced performance when modeling quantum photonic integrated circuits.

Ansys 2023 R2 Lumerical
Enhancements in qINTERCONNECT

Improved performance enables double the number of channels or frequencies with the same simulation run time. New application example: Spontaneous Four-wave mixing in microring resonator

Ansys 2023 R2 Lumerical
New Non-Linear Waveguide Primitive Model

This model enables the modeling of nonlinear waveguides made with LiNbO3 and supports short pulse and CW pump operations and tuning with periodic poling.


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Fraunhofer HHI Delivers its First SOA Compact Model with Ansys

The demand for discrete lasers, semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOAs) and photonic integrated circuits (PICs) is fueled by growth in leading-edge photonics technologies...


INTERCONNECT Statistical Simulation - PAM4 transceiver

In this example, we demonstrate INTERCONNECT’s capability to run simulations based on statistical models, including Monte Carlo (MC) and Corner analysis. 

Verify Multimode, Bidirectional and Multi-Channel PICS with Ansys Lumerical INTERCONNECT

Experience a depth of features and workflow for photonic integrated circuit simulation with Lumerical INTERCONNECT. Available workflows accelerate design time and improve manufacturing outcomes. INTERCONNECT contains an extensive library of passive and active building blocks and supports many foundry PDKs with calibrated compact models.


Key Features

Perform photonic integrated circuit simulations with analyses in the time and frequency domain.

  • PIC Simulation and Design
  • EDA and PDA Interoperability
  • Statistical Analysis
  • PIC Element Libraries
  • CML Development and Distribution

With its hierarchical schematic editor, use INTERCONNECT to design and simulate photonic integrated circuits. INTERCONNECT includes frequency domain analysis, transient sample mode simulation, and transient block mode simulation. It includes sophisticated visualization and data analysis tools with support for parameter sweeps and design optimization.

Simulate and optimize your designs with familiar EDA design tools and workflows to accelerate design time and improve reliability. 

Perform corner analysis to model the effects of process variation on circuit performance. Execute Monte Carlo analysis to assess circuit performance and yield by accounting for process variations

INTERCONNECT contains an extensive standard library of passive and active optoelectronic building blocks, along with supplementary elements that enable simulations and analyze results. It includes two library extensions:

  • An element library extension for laser modelling
  • An element library extension for advanced system modelling including sophisticated fiber, amplifier, FEC encoding and equalization models

INTERCONNECT, along with Ansys Lumerical's device level tools, provides an infrastructure that supports the development and distribution of compact model libraries (CMLs) for PIC simulation and design. Typically, a CML is built upon a combination of experimentally measured data and accurate component-level simulation results using Lumerical’s device-level photonics tools.

Case Studies


Fraunhofer HHI

Fraunhofer HHI Delivers InP Foundry Calibrated SOA Compact Model with Ansys Lumerical


Rockley Photonics

Rockley conducted multiple 2D and 3D single time-domain simulations using Lumerical software on Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) thus allowing for the extraction of high-resolution spectra.

Application Gallery

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INTERCONNECT Statistical Simulation - PAM4 transceiver

This example includes spatial correlations between the elements’ statistical parameters (see the "Important model settings" section).


Mentor interoperability - Interferometer

In this example, we calculate the gain spectrum and Free Spectral Range (FSR) of a Mach-Zehnder interferometer designed in Mentor Tanner L-Edit Photonics as part of the layout-driven flow.


Cadence Interoperability – Statistical PAM4 transceiver

This example demonstrates the capability of Spectre-INTERCONNECT co-simulation with statistical component models, allowing the performance of important tests such as Monte Carlo (MC) and corner analysis.


INTERCONNECT Product Reference Manual

The INTERCONNECT reference manual provides detailed descriptions of product and solver features.

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