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Visit Ansys at ASNE Intelligent Ship Symposium 2023

Grand Ball Room (Table 9)

Ansys will be presenting a technical paper at this event. If you would like to pre-book a meeting with an Ansys representative at this event, please do so by using the "Book a Meeting Today" button below.


May 1-3,  2023


The Delta Hotel Philadelphia Airport


The Latest Technology in A&D

Our progression into the future with innovations in the Aerospace and Defense industries set us apart from competitors. This year at ASNE 2023, we discuss these developments and ideas with customers and collaborators


From Chips to Ships, Solve Them All With HFSS

Read the blog by Matt Cummens about the use of HFSS on Naval ships.

"In generating a FEM mesh, multiple aspects of a design’s geometry come into play, such as whether it is a layered structure like a PCB; or more 3D like coaxial connectors, cables, or housing; or a platform, such as an aircraft or automobile. HFSS has multiple meshing technologies that optimally address various design types."

Webinar Thales – Nouveautés Ansys HFSS

Ansys HFSS Mesh Fusion enables simulation of PCBs, components and larger systems