ANSYS Autodyn simulates the response of materials to short duration severe loadings from impact, high pressure or explosions. It is best suited for simulating large material deformation or failure. Autodyn provides advanced solution methods without compromising ease of use. Complex physical phenomena such as the interaction of liquids, solids and gases; the phase transitions of materials; and the propagation of shock waves can all be modeled within Autodyn. Integrated within ANSYS Workbench with its own native user interface, this program has for decades led the industry in ease of use, enabling you to produce accurate results with the least amount of time and effort.

Autodyn’s range of technologies means that you can model solids with Lagrangian elements, and liquids with Eulerian and SPH (smooth particle hydrodynamics), so you can capture every type of event with the most appropriate technology. Multiple solvers can be used in one model, and the interactions between the various domains can be modeled for efficient, accurate results.



  • Solver Technology

    Lagrangian, Euler and Multimaterial Euler solvers give a wide range of capabilities;the smooth particle hydrodynamics (SPH) solver completes the picture to provide everything needed for explicit analysis.

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  • Solver Coupling

    Automatic communication between solvers enables coupling of fluid-solid interaction (FSI) models for blast, erosion, impact and multiscale simulations of high-speed events.

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  • Material Data

    Ideal tool for the rapid and reliable design of aerodynamic and hydrodynamic blade rows.

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