Connected Soldier

Tomorrow’s “connected soldier” will be a technologically enhanced fighter in constant contact with his unit and commanders through a mobile, body-worn network of battery-powered sensors and antennas. Each troop will be its own Internet of Things, communicating voice commands via wideband radio, location via GPS, and vital signs via biosensors. In net-centric warfare, soldiers will have more situational awareness — and commanders more information and troop control — than ever before, greatly enhancing the chance for mission success. Connected soldier simulation is necessary to make such a complex system successful.

To achieve this vision of the connected soldier, a number of engineering challenges must be overcome via soldier simulation. These include the design and placement of sensors and antennas on the soldier; efficient power management to minimize equipment weight and battery size while maximizing battery life; and the resilience to perform in hostile physical and electromagnetic environments, where the enemy might be trying to jam communication frequencies.

ANSYS electronic, embedded software and semiconductor simulation solutions integrated in a common platform can help engineers achieve perform soldier simulation quickly and cost-effectively. Explore the crucial technologies for making the connected soldier a reality.

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