Rescale provides a turn-key, full stack cloud HPC solution to ANSYS customers. Through Rescale's SaaS interface, ANSYS customers can access and deploy ANSYS applications in the cloud from anywhere in the world with just a few clicks. With access to the largest global HPC Infrastructure network made available via Rescale, ANSYS customers are provided virtually unlimited hardware selections including the latest GPU technologies, InfiniBand interconnect, and numerous other specialty configurations. Rescale’s platform has the widest range of hardware capability, availability and value to users for ANSYS applications. Customizable hardware configurations allow organizations to tailor resources to meet the varying needs of many internal divisions, including cost, capability, availability, scalability and capacity. From a single interface, users can easily customize and switch hardware types to achieve optimal results for specific ANSYS applications or ANSYS models.

Rescale's administration portal enables engineering managers to set user permissions, control budgets, provision hardware and software, manage license server connections, identify project codes and IDs, and track overall and individual usage. Permissions can be set at both global and regional levels for entire centers or individual users. A consolidated environment allows ANSYS customers to control and monitor usage across all centers worldwide using a tracking system designed for engineering and science simulations.

Collaboration is made easy as jobs can be cloned and shared with colleagues in an extended environment with the push of a button. Additionally, Rescale's integrated support desk system allows customers to share the entire workflow, including context, version, input and output files, logs, etc., with both ANSYS and Rescale support. Support is then able to reproduce the workflow and share it back with the customer, enabling a seamless support experience for customers.

The ability to access hardware orders of magnitude greater than internal capacity leads to an increased number of simulations and a more advanced exploration of product design spaces, as well as increased output data. Transferring large amounts of data between the cloud and local machines can sometimes be cumbersome and impractical for simulation efficiency. Rescale’s post processing workflow and remote visualization tool Desktops eliminates the need to transfer large output files after a simulation is complete – while simultaneously allowing users to keep unlimited storage capacity in their cloud platform environment.

Rescale's security is unrivaled, best in class and trusted by major North American aerospace manufacturers for ITAR workloads. All files are encrypted with AES 256 byte encryption. Data is sent and received on secure protocols and the clusters are secured with multiple layers. Additionally, company specific security layers can be added in a self-service fashion. Rescale undertakes and complies with annual, independent SOC2 compliance audits (provide separately).

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