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For more than 30 years EDRMedeso has served the Nordic market with CAE simulation software, support, services and knowledge transfer. With more than 70 employees they handle around 500 customers in Denmark, Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Finland and Sweden with essentially all the ANSYS tools needed for the development of virtual prototypes for both concept and product development.

EDR Medeso UK has been introduced in 2018 to address the growing UK market, offering a range of ANSYS simulation software including:

  • Structural mechanics: static structural, explicit dynamics, fatigue analysis, MBS/MSS, thermal, plastics, composites and many others.
  • Fluid dynamics: heat exchange, multiphase flows, mass transport, combustion, radiation, HVAC, rotor machinery etc.
  • Electromagnetics: electric motor optimization, cooling flows, cooling simulations etc.

Engineering simulation opens up a wide range of opportunities, and EDR Medeso UK recognises the importance of integrating an organisation in to ANSYS in order for success.
Through a wealth of knowledge and experience with our dedicated sales and support team, we provide a tailored service throughout, offering training, consultancy and support.

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EDR Medeso

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