At Ansys, we help visionaries solve the world’s most complex and meaningful problems. Our integrated engineering simulations enable creators to explore limitless design possibilities, freeing them to transform the world according to their vision. As a fellow creator, your stewardship of the Ansys brand is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to seeing what we can make possible together. Please submit questions to

Identity Concept & Definition

The Ansys wordmark is a combination of three essential elements: the forward slash, which is the main graphic device of the brand, the legacy A shape and the sentence case sans-serif type.

The 22.5 degree angle is also a signature device of the visual brand, and is anchored in the angles of the A and the y letterforms.

Ansys should always appear in sentence case (capitalizing the A only) when written out in communications. We have moved away from representing Ansys in all caps.

ANSYS Brand Identity Concept and Definition 

Logo Specifications

Clear space and minimum size are importantsin keeping the integrity of the Ansys logo in both print and digital environments.

ANSYS Brand Logo Specifications 

Logo Color and Usage

A few rules are necesary for maintaining the integrity of the brand. Don’t compromise the look of the logo by rotating, skewing or distorting in any way. That includes adding undesirable decorations like drop shadows and outlines. Here are a few examples of how to use and avoid using the logo.

ANSYS Brand Logo Color Usage 


This clean palette pays homage to the brand’s Pittsburgh heritage, with respect to colors found in the technical industry we inhabit. By limiting the palette to five colors, designers control the visual choreography of their layouts, leading the eye through messaging, and heroing our colorful simulations and products against its simple canvas.

ANSYS Brand Color 

Graphic Device: The Forward Slash

The Forward Slash embodies the Ansys eagerness to push ahead. Because we are constantly leaning into what’s next, the slash represents our willingness to move off center, taking risks in the pursuit of progress. As a divider, the slash visually distinguishes the difference between old and new, impossible and possible, giving weight to the direction we are traveling—ever onward.

ANSYS Brand Graphic Device