Hands-On Workshop on CAE with ANSYS AIM

June 1, 2017

10:00 AM - 2:00 PM (EST)


900 Victors Way
Atrium One, Suite 350
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Amit Shah

Join ANSYS for a free, hands-on “Lunch & Learn” workshop focusing on how to solve engineering challenges through simulation. With ANSYS AIM, you and every engineer in your organization can perform high-fidelity up-front design simulations, without compromising on speed, robustness or accuracy. ANSYS AIM combines an easy-to-use, intuitive simulation environment with proven solver technology that customers depend on around the world. This workshop will introduce attendees to the ease-of-use and productivity you can realize using ANSYS AIM. Accelerate your product development process, from early design concepts to optimized final designs for manufacturing, using this low-cost-of-entry tool.

Attend this workshop to learn about:

  • Reducing pressure drop in valves and flow control devices
  • Evaluating the thermal performance of a heat exchanger
  • Determining the temperatures and thermal stress in an exhaust manifold
  • Computing the fatigue life of an automotive component
  • Determining the polymer flow inside and outside on extrusion die

Please note that the hands-on session limits registration to 12 attendees.