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Ansys Cloud
Cloud-based Engineering Simulation

High Performance Computing in the cloud for faster, high-fidelity results


Access Ansys Cloud anywhere, anytime to obtain endless simulation capabilities compatible with most Ansys solvers.

Engineering simulation has long been constrained by fixed computing resources available on a desktop or cluster. Ansys Cloud provides access to on-demand, cloud-based computing resources, including both interactive workstations and HPC clusters, for faster, high-fidelity results offering greater performance insight. Ansys Cloud increases simulation throughput by removing the hardware barrier. Ansys Cloud is a scalable and cost-effective approach to HPC in the cloud.

To leverage the combined benefits of cloud computing and best-in-class engineering simulation, Ansys partnered with Microsoft® Azure™ to create a secure cloud solution.


Within Ansys Mechanical, Ansys Fluent, Ansys Electronics Desktop, Ansys SPEOS, ANSYS Discovery, Ansys LS-Dyna, and LST LS-dyna, you can easily access HPC in the cloud directly from the applications running on your desktop. A broader suite of applications can be run interactively in the cloud via your web browser — without the need for additional setup. Access the hardware and software you need, when you need it, and pay only for what you use.

 Ansys Cloud is a scalable and cost-effective approach to HPC in the cloud.

Quick Specs

Ansys Cloud’s powerful, easy-to-access HPC cloud solution will change the way you think about simulation. Unlike other simulation cloud solutions, Ansys Cloud is simple to set up and navigate, will not break your workflow and does not require cloud experts to operate. Ansys Cloud is all about Workflow, Performance, Support. 

  • Secure Workflows
  • Run Ansys Applications Interactively In-Browser
  • Multiphysics Enabler
  • Data secured and Encrypted
  • On-Demand Pricing
  • Seamless Integration
  • Highly optimized for Ansys Solvers
  • Increasing simulation throughput
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Elastic Licensing
  • Worldwide data centers

Ansys Cloud is Driving a Manufacturing Revolution

Modern product innovation requires advanced technology infrastructure to minimize budgets and maximize profit


“Cloud computing accelerates time to results and the built-in interface to Microsoft Azure within the Ansys tools presents a compelling case for its adoption.”

— Jon Everitt, principal aerodynamicist, Altaeros

Simulation is driving the future of design and manufacturing, but the computing power required isn’t always available on premises. Ansys Cloud integrates seamlessly with design programs and on-premises hardware. Switch back and forth between the cloud and your own hardware as needed and pay only for what you use. Our flexible, cost-effective cloud solution allows product development teams to reduce turnaround time, achieve more accurate results and easily adapt products for new markets and applications.

Ansys Cloud responds to the real needs of development teams by providing an easy-to-use interface in a streamlined, single-vendor solution. It facilitates collaboration by allowing users to share their solutions with other internal teams through a user-friendly web-based portal and addresses the varying needs of a team over time with its elastic approach to licensing.

July 2021

What's New

In Ansys 2021 R2, Ansys LS-DYNA and LST are now Ansys Cloud enabled, and a larger portfolio of Ansys products are available directly from the desktop application for HPC batch solves or directly in browser interactive sessions.  Additionally, new capabilities, including access to usage analytics, improved user access experience via Single Sign On (SSO), and improved file management with access to storage from interactive applications are now available.


New Product Support: Welcome Ansys LS-DYNA/LST LS-DYNA

Ansys LS-DYNA/LST is now available on Ansys Cloud. 

  • Introduced job template for batch job submission for LST versions of LS-DYNA (extension to LSTC Dyna).
  • Added support Command Line Interface batch jobs submission for LST versions of LS-DYNA.
  • Added support for LS PrePost in interactive sessions.  
Connected geometry workflow

More Control. More Security.

  • Better file management for files stored on the cloud, including enabled periodic copy of files from interactive virtual machines to cloud storage while a job is running. Portal file management enhancements include support for copy/cut/paste and rename.
  • Company admins now have access to usage data via Analytics. This is the first step toward enabling admin users to manage usage at the company level.
  • New sign-in experience offering multifactor authentication for improved security.

Cloud Customer Testimonials


“Cloud computing is the new standard for engineering analysis. Ansys Cloud provides an easy-to-use option for quick access to cloud HPC directly from within Ansys applications. This is especially useful for businesses with variable simulation workloads.” Bert Blocken, Professor


"The Ansys Cloud service built into Ansys Mechanical provides intuitive, easy-to-access to HPC directly from the application. For large, high-fidelity models, Ansys Cloud reduced our solve times by 5-6X and cut the entire simulation workflow by half." Marcos Blancho, Mechanical Simulation Engineer


“High-efficiency equipment is critical for improving plant performance in the oil and gas industry. Ansys Cloud enables Hytech Ingenieria to calculate large and complicated geometries within hours, instead of days or weeks -- resulting in significant time savings.” Luis Baikauskas, Process Engineer


Ansys Cloud has been a game-changer from a productivity standpoint. ... Ansys Cloud has reduced the time of each job from 20-25 hours to only 2-4 hours.” Tim Marvel, P.E. Vice President, Business Development & Technology

Case Studies

Ansys Hargrove Case Study

Hargrove Engineers + Constructors Use Ansys Cloud to Extend the Life of a Client’s Critical Asset

Hargrove constructs some of the most complex industrial plants, ensuring the safety of all involved. Leveraging Ansys Cloud, Hargrove is able to run simulations faster than ever, reducing the development time and overhead costs.


Easy access to on-demand HPC resources



Key Features

Get quick answers to your most difficult and complex engineering problems from your desktop using Ansys Cloud’s industry leading HPC capabilities

  • Built-in Cloud HPC Access
  • Full Remote Desktop Experience
  • Completely Secure Workflows
  • Economical On-Demand Pricing
  • Job monitoring
  • Cloud-Based 3D Results Visualization

Ansys Cloud is optimized for Ansys solvers. As an Ansys Mechanical, Ansys Fluent, Ansys Electronics Desktop, Ansys SPEOS or Ansys LS-Dyna user and Ansys CFX, you can easily access Ansys Cloud without involving your information technology team. By eliminating the need for complex software installations or cloud-side setups, you can focus on solving your engineering problems. And, without having to build in-house solutions or rely on third-party vendors, you can avoid costly upfront investment and delays.

Ansys Cloud is a ready-to-use, proven solution that is fully supported by Ansys HPC and solver experts.

Access complete installations of Mechanical, Fluent, Electronics Desktop, SPEOS, Discovery, Workbench and CFX via a remote desktop connection, to harness additional computing power for pre- and post-processing activities and eliminate the need to transfer data to and from the cloud.

With VDI, Ansys Cloud enables a full end-to-end, cloud-based workflow. This is the future of simulation.

The solution combines Azure’s best practices with custom encryption for added security. Both data at rest and in motion are encrypted.

Leveraging Azure™ Virtual Networks, Ansys Cloud offers a separate, secure network architecture for each customer: Only you can access your data.

The complete system architecture has undergone comprehensive testing, including detailed penetration testing. Because new security threats emerge continuously, the solution’s security is regularly audited by a third party.

New sign in experience offering multi-factor authentication for improved security.

Rather than locking into a long-term lease, you can purchase a pool of Ansys Elastic Currency (AECs) based on your short-term cloud-computing needs.

You can also connect your existing licenses to Ansys Cloud to leverage your current investment in Ansys software, while using our Ansys Managed Hardware Solution using Ansys  Hardware Currency (AHCs) to pay for on-demand hardware when needed. Using your existing licenses, prepare your model using your on-premises hardware. When you submit your simulation job for analysis in the cloud, use your pool of AHCs for your on-demand hardware. Alternatively, using Ansys Cloud’s VDI, you can access workstation-class hardware in the cloud to prepare your model and/or post-process your results interactively. This gives you the best of both worlds depending on your needs.

AECs and AHCs are consumed at a specified hourly rate that varies with the choice of hardware configuration and solver type. The consumption rates for Ansys software and hardware can be found in the Ansys Elastic Licensing Terms and Conditions.

Your pool of AECs and AHCs (shared with others in your organization) is charged based on your cloud runtime (in fractions of an hour). Consumption of AECs and AHCs may be tracked using the Ansys Elastic Licensing portal, which is accessed via a desktop or mobile web browser. With this combination of traditional licensing (leased and paid-up for steady workflows) and pay-per-use licensing (for in-cloud, flexible capacity), you can optimize your company’s investment in simulation.

Job monitoring tools provide full access to the solver transcript, a graphical view of convergence parameters and real-time access to debug information when help is needed.

You can also view a summary of your simulation jobs via a web-based cloud portal, which can be accessed from your desktop or mobile device. Using the cloud portal, you can track total consumption of AECs and AHCs, and even share your simulation jobs with your peers and Ansys support.

Improved visibility of usage for admin users: Company admins now have access to usage data via analytics.

Innovative post-processing technology leaves the heavy data in the cloud, transferring only requested information to you for 3D rendering in your web browser via custom post-processing tools — to deliver performance that is unmatched for all size models.

You can plot scalar and vector fields and visualize results on existing parts, planes, isosurfaces and isovolumes. When needed, download the data to your desktop for detailed post-processing using your familiar desktop applications. Alternatively, you can also perform full post-processing directly in the cloud using in-browser interactive sessions to access workstation-class performance and full Ansys software capabilities, without having to transfer data locally.


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Solve simulation at the speed of light, up to 60X faster than a 16-core virtual machine.


Case Studies

Ansys Hargrove Case Study

Hargrove Engineers + Constructors Use Ansys Cloud to Extend the Life of a Client’s Critical Asset

Hargrove constructs some of the most complex industrial plants, ensuring the safety of all involved. Leveraging Ansys Cloud, Hargrove is able to run simulations faster than ever, reducing the development time and overhead costs.

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