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February 17, 2021

 What’s New for Electronics Reliability in Ansys 2021 R1?

With Ansys 2021 R1, Ansys has extended its leading Electronics Reliability solutions to address a wider variety of electrical, thermal and mechanical reliability issues, while ensuring greater simulation accuracy and workflow efficiency. Significant updates to Ansys HFSS 3D Layout, Icepak, LS-DYNA, Mechanical, Sherlock, SIwave and other complementary tools further enable engineers to identify and address key concerns related to electrical, thermal and mechanical reliability issues.


Let’s discuss the major Electronics Reliability updates in 2021 R1 and how we can help you achieve and surpass your product reliability goals.

What is Electronics Reliability?

Electronics reliability measures how an electronic product performs a specified function within its designated use environment over a desired lifetime. Whether you are an engineer in the automotive, aerospace, defense, medical or high-tech/consumer electronics industries, electronics reliability is critical to product success and your companies’ reputation.

Ansys’ Electronics Reliability solution addresses potential electrical, thermal and mechanical issues by using an integrated product workflow that determines at-risk components and failure modes, and provides complete product lifetime predictions — all while being accessible by multiple teams and departments via Ansys’ intuitive interfaces, such as Ansys Electronics Desktop  and Ansys Workbench.

Electronics Reliability 2021 R1 Updates

In 2021 R1, Ansys Sherlock has major product updates within the Electronics Reliability workflow, including three major new features:

  • Sherlock Workbench plug-in
  • Sherlock application programming interfaces (APIs)
  • New Sherlock meshing engine

The Sherlock plug-in in Workbench allows the user to access Sherlock and its pre- and post-processing engines without leaving the Workbench environment. In addition, Sherlock APIs allow for the creation of scripts to run multiple simulation analyses at once.

Finally, the new Sherlock meshing engine allows users to create more complex PCB models with higher fidelity and obtain more accurate simulation results. These models can then be imported into Mechanical and Icepak for finite element analysis (FEA).

With these updates, as well as those found in Electronics Desktop, Mechanical and LS-DYNA, the Ansys Electronics Reliability suite of workflow solutions continues to become a more integrated and efficient solution for your PCB reliability challenges.

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