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February 8, 2024

Ansys Minerva 2024 R1: Streamlined Simulation Workflows, Enhanced Connections, and Faster Searches

With digitalization transforming nearly every industry from automotive and aviation to industrial equipment, healthcare, and many others, organizations are being inundated with data as they integrate more technologies into design and development processes. With so many digital tools, data overflow can become overwhelming, hard to manage, and counterproductive, requiring additional time to sort through data from disparate technologies or disconnected solutions and keep team members informed.

Simulation process and data management (SPDM) offers significant value to the digital dilemma of modern-day engineering and manufacturing processes by streamlining simulation workflows, managing data, and enabling collaboration. SPDM also contributes to reductions in error, time, and cost. This helps businesses stay competitive, reduce quality defects, and eliminate rework. Ansys Minerva, an enterprise-level SPDM solution, provides customers with a myriad of benefits, including efficiency, traceability, collaboration, and improved decision-making.

In Ansys 2024 R1, Minerva streamlines simulation workflows, enhances connections, and delivers faster search capabilities.

Simplify SPDM with Business Process Management

Essentially, SPDM improves collaboration among teams by providing a centralized platform for sharing simulations, models, and data. In turn, this communication and seamless data exchange facilitates and informs better decision-making, which leads to more accurate predictions and optimized designs.

Put simply, Minerva improves workflows, increases efficiency, and reduces redundant tasks. Additionally, by managing simulation data in a structured manner, Minerva enables data integrity and traceability, which assists in auditing and compliance with regulations.

An intuitive platform for defining end-to-end workflows, Minerva ensures clarity and control throughout various stages of business processes. The latest release introduces a new user interface (UI) designed to assist customers with delineating comprehensive workflows from start to finish. This includes the capability to define rework routes and the option to templatize those routes, including loops, as well as tasks and dependencies.

Minerva’s explicit and implicit rework route capabilities handle revisions and corrections seamlessly. With the ability to templatize tasks, dependencies, and rework routes, users can easily replicate successful workflows, saving time and effort in setting up similar processes.

In addition, Minerva users can now implement gate checks using milestone tasks. This adds an extra layer of control, enabling customers to ensure that critical checkpoints are met before progressing further in the workflow.

These user-friendly improvements enhance your ability to customize, optimize, and manage business processes with greater precision and ease.

Minerva business program management

Impact rework management, quality control, efficiency, and consistency

Enable Easy Integration

You can use Minerva to push and pull data without additional coding or development work by enabling easy integration with any desktop tool. This means you can access the system through the application launcher, command line interface (CLI), or a solver add-in, enjoying a consistent yet flexible experience.

This consistency enhances usability and reduces the learning curve, providing a seamless exchange across different interfaces. By consolidating functionality into a single tool — the CLI — users benefit from a streamlined and efficient solution. Users can also graphically select locally modified files and upload them back to the server. This graphical selection enhances user control, especially for those who may prefer visual interfaces over command-line interactions.

Additionally, with a vendor-neutral architecture, Minerva blends easily into existing workflows and offers native interoperability with all popular computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools, as well as product life cycle management (PLM) systems. Minerva also integrates easily with other Ansys Connect family products, including Ansys Granta MI Enterprise materials management, Ansys optiSLang process integration and design optimization, and Ansys ModelCenter model-based systems engineering (MBSE) software.

Minerva Ansys connect

Ansys Minerva, an enterprise-level simulation process and data management (SPDM) solution, integrates easily with other Ansys Connect products.

Search Effortlessly

Minerva’s recent release features an improved keyword search, which enables you to input a text search effortlessly, eliminating the need to manually type wildcards or explicitly define the search field.

For example, if you submit a search query without using * or % wildcards (or if the search is enclosed in wildcards), the method will autonomously manage the inclusion of wildcards. On the other hand, if the user specifies wildcards in their search, the system will utilize the provided wildcard configuration accordingly. This enhanced keyword search, i.e., searching within the root of a data structure (usually between 10,000-100,000 files/folders), significantly reduces search performance time.

Minerva dashboard

An improved keyword search in Ansys Minerva eliminates the need to manually type wildcards or explicitly define the search field.

Discover Minerva

SPDM offers a comprehensive solution for collaborative workflows that optimizes business process management by organizing simulation data and engineering workflows. Encouraging data sharing and better decision-making, Minerva increases productivity, ensures data integrity and traceability, and provides an authoritative central source of truth.

To learn how an SPDM solution can benefit your team, request a free assessment for Minerva today.

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