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Ansys Fluent Mosaic Meshing
Hexahedral Dominant Mesh Topology

Ansys Mosaic meshing technology helps accelerate meshing time, which also produces a faster, more accurate solution. Mosaic technology enables polyhedral connections between disparate mesh types.


Ansys Mosaic Meshing

Mosaic mesh is a patent pending Ansys Fluent meshing technology for computational fluid dynamic simulations. It accelerates the meshing process with a reduced face count, higher quality cells and efficient parallel scalability. Mosaic meshing technology enables polyhedral connections between disparate mesh types.

  • Hexahedral Dominant Bulk
    Hexahedral Dominant Bulk
  • Lower Total Face Count
    Lower Total Face Count
  • Lower Memory Usage
    Lower Memory Usage
  • Parallel Volume Mesh
    Parallel Volume Mesh
Accelerate meshing time

Up to Speed

Ferrari Competizioni GT leverages next-level, automated meshing capabilities from Ansys Fluent to increase simulation productivity by 300%.

Fluent Mesh Ferrari Case Study

"Ferrari engineers can run three times as many CFD simulations in the same amount of time — and develop cars faster than ever before."

Ferrari engineers work constantly to optimize aerodynamics and other aspects of vehicle designs, with the goal of crossing the finish line first and reinforcing Ferrari’s brand leadership. Every two or three years, the Ferrari Competizioni GT engineering team pushes itself to engineer an upgraded GT race car within a 12-month window.  

Innovations in Ansys Fluent such as Mosaic meshing have enabled tremendous workflow and productivity benefits for Ferrari Competizioni GT. Automated workflows help boosts productivity by reducing the user learning curve, minimizing the chance of human error and freeing engineers to focus on higher-value work. Thanks to Mosaic-enabled poly-hexcore meshing, Ferrari engineers have been able to decrease the number of meshing cells by 15%. This reduction, when combined with the new hex-dominant mesh, delivers overall solution times that are twice as fast. 

Generate a High-Quality Volume Mesh at Unmatched Speed 

With Mosaic mesh, you can transition between varying types of mesh elements. Ansys Fluent has created this patent pending technology to help accelerate meshing time. Mosaic enabled poly-hexcore is the first method to employ the mosaic meshing technology, which connects isotropic poly prisms and hexahedral elements.

Car meshing simulation using Ansys Mosaic Meshing


Key Features

Mosaic enabled poly-hexcore is the first method to employ mosaic. This technology has many benefits for computational fluid dynamics simulations, from meshing to solving.

Mosaic enabled poly-hexcore mesh uses high-quality hexahedral elements in the bulk region. Since the volume is generated with hexahedral elements, for the same grid resolution there is a total face count reduction.

Fluent meshing allows for parallel volume meshing on up to 256 cores. When running on 256 cores, over 10 million cells can be generated per minute. Parallel meshing, along with the lower overall mesh counts from Mosaic mesh help accelerate the meshing process.

Since Mosaic enabled poly-hexcore mesh uses hexahedral elements in the bulk region, for the same grid resolution there is a total face count reduction. This total face count reduction helps result in faster compute times. 30-50% reduction of solve times have been seen.


Featured White Paper

Auto Mesh Car

Ansys Fluent Mosaic Technology Automatically Combines Disparate Meshes with Polyhedral Elements for Fast, Accurate Flow Resolution

Transitioning between varying types of mesh elements in complex geometries and flow tegimes has long been a major simulation challenge.



ansys meshing solutions cfd

Ansys Meshing Solutions for CFD

Download this interactive infographic to learn more about the key capabilities of the Ansys meshing solutions for CFD.


Methodology Handbook

Efficient Development of Safe Avionics Software with DO-178C Objectives Using SCADE Suite®

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