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Sustainability Solutions for a Better Future

At Ansys, we understand that technological innovation and sustainability go hand in hand. Our simulation software empowers designers and engineers to assess and scale their sustainable innovations faster, reduce their environmental impact, and foster a better future. 


Ansys Pillars of Sustainability

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Clean Environment

Using Ansys software solutions, our customers are developing technologies that eliminate or reduce pollution of air, water, soil, and orbital space.

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Materials and Circularity

Ansys solutions revolutionize the entire product life cycle, enabling customers to create, manufacture, recapture, sort, and reuse products in a way that limits waste and paves the way toward circular economy.

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Energy Solutions

Ansys enables customers to drive the decarbonization of energy production, consumption and storage by developing and utilizing carbon-free energy sources and leveraging energy-efficient  solutions.

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Manufacturing and Operational Efficiency

Ansys solutions can help optimize manufacturing and operational efficiency with digital twins and improve product robustness, durability, and safety

Industry Examples


Aerospace: Developing More Sustainable Propulsion

See how Turbotech develops efficient aeronautical propulsion solutions using Ansys simulation.

Sumitomo powder process magnets

Automotive: Saving Materials

Learn how Sumitomo Electric Taps Into Ansys’ Material World to Support More Sustainable Electric Motor Designs.

O2 Launch

Energy: Exploring Alternatives

See how Orbital applied simulation to quickly model and verify its designs in a low-cost, virtual environment, cutting years from the development cycle.

Earth Rescue: Fighting Against Climate Change Using Simulation

As temperatures continue to rise, and severe storms and extreme droughts ravage landscapes, we find ourselves facing one of the greatest challenges of our time. Discover how visionary companies are using simulation today in the fight against climate change.

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Partnerships and Affiliations 

PRISM project

Turning Recycling Waste Into Automotive Components Using Simulation

To make it easier for recyclers and their customers to produce viable recycled plastics and use them in products, Ansys collaborated with three companies in the United Kingdom — Impact Recycling, Impact Solutions, and Far-UK — in the Plastic Recycling in Stochastic Modeling (PRISM) Project.

Top Dutch Solar Racing Car

Preparing for the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

Learn how Top Dutch Solar Racing uses Ansys software to design and optimize its solar powered electric vehicle.


Rolls-Royce Rapidly Powers Sustainable Aviation with Ansys and Intel Technologies

With joint software optimization efforts from Ansys and Intel, Rolls-Royce accelerates engineering solve times and creates virtual prototypes up to 100X faster.

Ansys: A Power for Positive Change

Ansys is committed to operating our business in ways that reduce our environmental impact and carbon footprint. By integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) objectives into our commitments, values, and actions, we can deliver long-term value for our business and our communities.

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