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Ansys 3D-IC

Visualize the Future of 3D-IC with Industry-Leading Comprehensive Multiphysics Platform 

Ansys 3D-IC Solution

The Ultimate Game-Changer for 3D Multi-die System Simulation

Unlock the full potential of your 3D multi-die system with the Ansys 3D-IC Solution, the industry-leading, foundry-certified multiphysics simulation platform.

Our software seamlessly integrates with all leading EDA design tools, providing a consolidated design and simulation environment and delivering precise simulation results.

Whether you are simulating chiplets, IC packages, PCBs, or the entire system, Ansys 3D-IC solution provides speed, efficiency, and the ability to scale for capacity and performance.

Optimizing Vehicle Chassis Design Through Simulation

Flexibility with other EDA tools

Ansys semiconductor and electronics computational physics simulators easily interface with each other and with the EDA industry’s leading CAD tools, enabling a harmonious exchange of design files. It allows designers to import design data in 3D and perform Multiphysics analysis of every aspect of 2.5D and 3D-IC designs, extending from chiplets to IC-Package-PCB and beyond.

Unified Simulation Across Chiplets and IC Package

The Ansys 3D-IC solution is a solver toolset that captures electromagnetic, thermal and structural effects of chip activity individually and as a dynamic, interactive Multiphysics phenomenon with extremely high accuracy. Workflows allow each physical factor to be modeled and simulated individually and collectively between individual chips and the whole selection of chips and their package.

Ansys 3D-IC Images

Design and Simulation: Interposer and TSVs

Organic and silicon interposers carry power and signals from die to die, providing electromagnetic and thermal insulation as well as structural support for 2.5D and 3D chip modules. These interposers are complex with dense circuit features, including copper traces and thru-silicon vias (TSVs). Our simulators model these features individually and encompass nearby chips to provide integrated computational multiphysics simulation support for any multichip design.

Comprehensive Multiphysics Simulation

Chiplets, interposers, package substrates, entire packages, and boards all interact with circuit switching, power demand, and heat dissipation, feeding each other dynamically. This requires tools, solvers, and workflows, allowing designers to scale from micro to macro and capture complex surfaces to accurately prototype the entire chip module and its system environment.

Ansys 3D-IC Images

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Comprehensive Multiphysics Analysis Platform for 3D-IC Interposers

This webinar outlines the power integrity, thermal integrity, and signal integrity difficulties in 3D-IC design.


Thermal Integrity Challenges and Solutions of Silicon Interposer Design

Dr. Lang Lin discusses the thermal integrity issues associated with 3D-IC designs.


Power Integrity Challenges and Solutions for Interposer Design

This presentation will focus on interposer power analysis as an isolated case and in context with the dice instantiated in a 3D-IC device.


Signal Integrity Issues for Silicon Interposers

The development of applications like Artificial Intelligence (AI) processors, Central Processing Unit (CPU), and Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) chips involves advanced packaging technologies that radically alter traditional design methodologies and flows.

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