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Ansys TurboGrid
Turbomachinery Blade Meshing Software

Ansys TurboGrid provides users with a fast method to produce a high-quality mesh for blade passages in rotating machinery.


TurboGrid Automates Turbomachinery Blade Meshing

Ansys TurboGrid is a high-quality turbomachinery meshing software. It features novel automated mesh generation capabilities in a simple-to-use, streamlined workspace. The tools offered can be applied to a wide variety of turbomachinery equipment and will help produce better simulation results.

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    Fully Automated Topology and Meshing
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    Automated Tip Clearance Meshing
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    Tailored for Turbomachinery
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    Rapid Mesh Quality Feedback
Ansys TurboGrid

Quick Specs

TurboGrid is a mesh generation software that provides high-quality mesh for the most complex blade geometries. Getting a perfect mesh can be a time-consuming and frustrating exercise. This powerful software allows you to achieve optimal blade meshes and focus more time on simulation results.  

  • Axial, Radial and Mixed Flow
  • Meridional Splitter
  • Automatic Topology Generation
  • High-Quality Meshes
  • Splitter Vanes
  • Tip Clearances
  • Flexible Geometry Input
  • Flexible Automation
  • Fillets
  • Secondary Flow Paths
  • Rapid Mesh Generation
  • Boundary Layer Refinement

July 2024

What's New

In 2024 R2, new enhancements to Ansys Turbogrid include PyTurbogrid for enhanced automation and customization options, fully-released hybrid meshing support, and automated 3D CAD geometry creation using the Ansys BladeBuilder  an add-in in Ansys Discovery.

2024 R1 TurboGrid

Ansys TurboGrid can be driven via Python scripts, allowing you to automate repetitive tasks, customize workflows, and develop tailored solutions for turbomachinery meshing processes that align with your specific engineering requirements.

2024 R1 TurboGrid
Hybrid Meshing

Hybrid meshing is now fully released and supports high-fidelity blade features intersecting periodic boundaries, allowing you to mesh blades with end-wall contouring and casing grooves.

2024 R1 TurboGrid
Automated 3D CAD Geometry Creation

Ansys BladeBuilder is an Ansys Discovery add-in that automates 3D CAD geometry creation for Ansys Turbogrid from blade NDF files and now supports low-fidelity and high-fidelity geometry generation with cut-off and square blades, including splitters.

Blown Away: Efficiency in Aeration

Turbomachinery engineers utilize Ansys simulation tools to achieve a more efficient and cost-effective design.

Blown Away: Efficiency in Aeration

“The ease of use of Ansys solutions makes it possible to define a complete workflow and methodology in a short period of time” - Brice Caussanel and Renaud Signoret, Turbomachinery Engineers, Continental Industrie, Saint-Trivier-sur-Moignans France

Aeration is a key action in wastewater treatment. This step provides air to microorganisms that help breakdown organic matter, with H20 and C02 as the byproducts. However, aeration is also an extremely costly process that requires large amounts of power for compressors to effectively aerate massive pools of water. Even the slightest increase in compressor efficiency will lead to substantial savings.

Turbomachinery engineers at Continental Industrie chose Ansys fluid tools to improve their existing compressor design. Before simulation, the engineers used Ansys TurboGrid to automatically produce hexahedral meshes for all their bladed components (inlet guide vanes, impeller and diffuser). The software produced tailored, high-quality results which allowed them to perform in-depth and accurate simulation. The mesh was just one step during the design process, but TurboGrid allowed them to start simulation faster, and spend more time on design optimization.


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Gas Turbines

Gas Turbines

Ansys gas turbine simulation solution enables you to design and optimize the next generation of gas turbines.

Rotating Machinery

Rotating Machinery

Ansys rotating machinery simulation helps you to improve your designs of fans, pumps, and compressors by increasing efficiency, safety and durability.


Case Studies

Simulating the Future of Electric Aircraft Propulsion with ANSYS

Simulating the Future of Electric Aircraft Propulsion with ANSYS

In the aerospace market, there is a major push to move toward electric flight to realize a cleaner future, reduce operating expenses and produce more reliable machines.

Ansys TurboGrid mesh generation software simplifies and delivers high-quality meshes

TurboGrid is the industry-leading automated mesh generation tool. Although it is automated, you’ll be able to customize your experience by defining detailed mesh settings, such as desired mesh size or blade boundary layer resolution. Furthermore, it contains a rapid mesh quality feedback and will help you fix regions that do not meet target quality. TurboGrid contains many tools that exhibit similar display properties to other blade design software such as the 2-D blade-to-blade views and meridional planes. It is a very intuitive workspace that allows for simple, yet powerful, mesh generation.


Key Features

Tailor your mesh and achieve higher quality blade meshes with Ansys TurboGrid

  • Fully Automatic Topology & Meshing
  • Tailored for Turbomachinery
  • Automated Tip Clearance Meshing
  • Rapid Mesh Quality Feedback
  • Secondary Flow Path Meshing

Ansys TurboGrid software includes novel technology that targets complete automation combined with an unprecedented level of mesh quality for even the most complex blade shapes. The desired final mesh size is defined (and, optionally, the blade boundary layer resolution), and all the other steps can be performed automatically to produce a mesh of extremely high quality. Grid angles are exceptionally good, mesh sizes transition smoothly, and high aspect-ratio elements are generated in the near-wall regions to resolve these regions efficiently and capture boundary layer flows accurately.

Ansys TurboGrid software offers a user-friendly point-and-click environment with display functions familiar to blade designers, including 2-D blade-to-blade and meridional planes for viewing flow path and blade position. The view is updated automatically with each input to reflect the latest changes.

For blades with clearances at the shroud, or even at the hub, Ansys TurboGrid provides a solution. Users can specify the amount of tip clearance in numerous ways: for example, as a percentage of span or at a specified distance from the hub or shroud. The grid in the tip can be either matching or nonmatching along the center of the blade thickness, ensuring optimal grid quality and accurate prediction of blade tip flow.

Ansys TurboGrid provides immediate feedback on mesh quality, based on criteria such as grid skew angles, mesh expansion rates and aspect ratios of mesh elements. Any mesh elements that do not meet target quality criteria are highlighted, guiding the user in adjusting user input and controls accordingly.

Ansys TurboGrid allows users to import CAD models and mesh secondary flow paths, such as bleeds, cavities, labyrinth seals, back disc cavities and ported shrouds.

Ansys software is accessible

It's vital to Ansys that all users, including those with disabilities, can access our products. As such, we endeavor to follow accessibility requirements based on the US Access Board (Section 508), Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), and the current format of the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT).

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