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RF Channel Modeler 

High-Fidelity Wireless Channel Modeling

Ansys RF Channel Modeler delivers a highly accurate digital simulation solution for RF engineers to analyze dynamic RF system performance under simulated real world conditions within a virtual terrestrial environment.

High-Fidelity Wireless Channel Modeling

Ansys RF Channel Modeler delivers an innovative network planning and optimization solution to RF systems engineers across the telecommunications industry.  The combination of advanced systems simulation capabilities with Ansys STK’s highly realistic digital simulation environment,  provides network engineers with the ability to realistically evaluate advanced communications and RF systems performance in urban environments ahead of expensive physical deployments and product development efforts.

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    Model wideband 5G/6G channels
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    Accurate, dynamic virtual environment
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    Wireless channel modeling with wave behavior
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    Detailed terrain, structures, physical materials, and roughness
RF Channel Modeler

Quick Specs

With Ansys RF Channel Modeler, network planners and RF engineers leverage STK’s fully dynamic, and accurate, physics based digital modeling and simulation environment to simulate RF system performance and analyze wireless channel behaviors.

  • Scalable, GPU Enhanced Processing
  • Include Detailed Terrain & Structures
  • Import Advanced RF Antenna Patterns
  • 5G/6G Network Modeling
  • Analyze Scattering and Coupling Data Results
  • Include Multi-path and Diffraction Effects
  • Support Array Designs and Beamforming
  • Optimize Infrastructure Asset Placement
  • Time-Dynamic Physics Engine
RF Channel Modeler

Analyze RF System Performance in Accurate Virtual Twin Environments

With Ansys RF Channel Modeler, systems engineers employ a model based design approach to represent their systems within a physics accurate digital environment.  Designs can be explored and tested across simulated situations and conditions which would otherwise be difficult to replicate under real-world field-testing scenarios by following a streamlined modeling and simulation workflow:

  • Model The Operating Environment: From general underlying terrain and topography data to high resolution building models, RF Channel Modeler’s workflow starts by defining an accurate digital simulation environment.  With support for OGC 3DTiles standard RF Channel Modeler makes it easy to consume large geospatial data sets, ideal for highly detailed meshed 3D models such as urban cityscapes
  • Platform Models: Whether your RF systems are stationary base stations or user equipment installed on vehicles, aircraft, or other platforms, RF Channel Modeler provides a physics-based motion and orientation modeling engine to get things moving!  With the ability to create simple representative routes or import existing trajectory data, users can quickly put their models in motion.
  • RF System Models: It couldn’t be easier to create representative models of transmitter, receiver, or even radar systems necessary for your simulations.  Get started with in-built models of common designs or import existing complex antenna designs directly from Ansys HFSS and configure the desired channel spectrum analysis settings.  Single click load for complete HFSS phased array base stations simplifies the workflow and enables high fidelity antenna designs to be easily integrated into the simulated environment.
  • Analyze and Explore: The engine ingests the terrain, buildings, objects, and materials contained in the 3DTiles data as meshed triangle geometry facets and material properties and leverages advanced GPU capabilities for scalable simulation execution.  Analysts can explore the resulting data containing scattering parameter (s-parameter) antenna-to-antenna coupling data between all antennas considered in the modeled scenario over the specified analysis period.  This data is also available for external post-processing and scripting as needed, making this a flexible solution for large, extended simulation data exploration and analysis efforts. The quantity and quality of the output is suitable for training of any AI tools. Customers might employ and train a variety of AI tools.
RF Channel Modeler

RF Channel Modeler Capabilities

Virtually evaluate dynamic RF systems performance in complex urban environments

RF Channel Modeler offers a fully digital workflow to address the needs of today’s most complex RF systems designs. Systems designers, network operators, and infrastructure planners demand the ability to digitally model, simulate, and evaluate their system performance under realistic conditions and real-world situations and circumstances. RF Channel Modeler simplifies this otherwise complex coupling of system models and simulation tools by providing a turn-key solution ready to generate highly accurate synthetic signal data suitable for analyzing against the demanding performance needs of tomorrow’s future communications systems.

RF Channel Modeler


Key Features

Quickly model and analyze dynamic RF systems inside of a fully digital, high resolution dynamic simulation environment:

  • Accurate Operational Environments
  • High-Fidelity System of Systems Modeling
  • Dynamic Real-World RF Situations and Conditions
  • Fast Processing and Analysis of Resulting Data
  • High-resolution geospatial data sets for terrain and urban settings
  • Include RF environment models and effects
  • Consider surface material properties
  • Incorporate high-fidelity antenna models
  • Dynamic behaviors of electronically steered arrays for adaptive pointing/nulling
  • Accurate 3D models for host platforms (e.g., ground vehicles, aircraft, satellites)
  • Physics-based kinematics and motion models
  • Quickly explore channel-level signal effects
  • Model wideband 5G/6G channels and wave behavior
  • Simulate wireless channels at symbol rates with physics in real time
  • Optimize designs and asset placement 
  • Scalable, GPU-enhanced processing
  • Efficient and flexible storage of resulting simulation data for post-analysis and third-party integration options (HDF5 Database)

Upcoming Events

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Wireless Channel Modeling for Dynamic Terrestrial Environments

March 19, 2024 - As wireless systems continue to grow in complexity and reach for more spectrum, RF engineers must rely on high fidelity simulation solutions to effectively model and test their proposed new networks. We offer a suite of tools to address these challenges and to enable network architects and mission planners the ability to digitally model and simulate dynamic wireless networks within an accurate systems simulation environment.


RF Channel Modeler
RF Channel Modeler

Documentation and Help

Further explore the capabilities of RF Channel Modeler by taking a look at the documented help files and getting started resources.

RF Channel Modeler Whitepaper
RF Channel Modeler

White Paper

Explore more details about how Ansys has combined the Digital Mission Engineering and Ansys Electronics tools to deliver RF Channel Modeler.

RF Channel Modeler Brochure
RF Channel Modeler

Product Brochure

To learn more about product features and capabilities.

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