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Success Stories

Discover how simulation software solves engineering challenges, empowering Ansys customers and sponsors to take a Leap of Certainty.


Ansys + Porsche Motorsport
Porsche Motorsport Speeds Innovation with Ansys

Together, Ansys and Porsche Motorsport are leading the field in the race to next-generation e-mobility. As Porsche’s Official Technology Partner for the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team, Ansys is powering the design of the automaker’s first-ever, fully electric race car — the Porsche 99X Electric. 

Ansys + Red Bull Racing
Oracle Red Bull Racing Embraces Ansys Aerodynamics Simulation

Building on a 13-year relationship as Innovation Partners, Oracle Red Bull Racing and Ansys continue to drive engineering productivity and slash design cycle time by helping engineers create enhanced car designs faster.

Ansys + Ferrari
Ferrari Competizioni GT Wins with Ansys

Ferrari Competizioni GT is leveraging cutting-edge Ansys simulation software to create next-generation vehicle designs that promise a substantial advantage on the track.

Leonardo Labs Embraces Digitally Driven Future

Leonardo Labs is a leading developer of multidomain capabilities in the aerospace, defense, and security sectors. See how the company is adopting a digital approach to remain aligned with customer needs and the latest technological trends. 

Rockwell Automation simulation success story
Rockwell Automation Accelerates Digital Transformation

Rockwell Automation uses simulation to empower its engineers to make innovative decisions, provide new insights to customers, and support its partners as they tackle the challenges of digital transformation. Tessa Myers, Senior Vice President of Intelligent Devices, and Scot Tutkovics, Vice President of Engineering at Rockwell Automation share their story.

Gas Turbine Cover
Pratt & Whitney: The Future of Sustainable Aviation

Pratt & Whitney has a vision of enabling the air transportation sector to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Discover the importance of simulation in guiding the engineering design and validation process towards meeting this ambitious goal.

Plane Simulation
Lufthansa Technik Reduces Time to Design and Certification

Lufthansa Technik, one of the world’s leading providers of technical aircraft services, significantly reduces drag, fuel consumption, and CO2 emissions by using Ansys’ simulation solutions to create and validate an aircraft coating technology inspired by shark skin.

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turbotech combustion simulation
Turbotech Revolutionizes Efficient Aircraft

Turbotech first incorporated Ansys simulation to optimize their heat exchanger technology and continues to integrate Ansys’ tools to power their pioneering regenerative turbines and subsequent products. Members from the Turbotech team explain how they’re providing efficient and sustainable flight solutions.

ZeroAvia Reduces Greenhouse Gases

A leader in sustainable aviation, ZeroAvia is developing a new, sustainable hydrogen-electric powertrain to reduce aircraft emissions.

Infinitum Develops Sustainable Motors

See how Infinitum is designing a motor that opens sustainable design possibilities for end users by being smaller, lighter, and quieter than conventional motors.

X1 Wind Creates Unique Energy Harvesting
X1 Wind Creates Unique Energy Harvesting

X1 Wind developed a disruptive floating wind technology that can mitigate offshore energy challenges and radically transform energy production. Carlos Casanovas, Co-founder and CTO of X1 Wind, explains how the technology works.

Astroscale Removes Space Debris
Astroscale Removes Space Debris

Astroscale is advancing space exploration to its next generation — the space sustainability era — and is creating a sustainable foundation for growth of the space economy in the process. Al Colebourn, Head of Spacecraft Operations at Astroscale, explains the importance of clean space and how Astroscale is tackling the problem.

Enerkem Turns Trash into Biofuel
Enerkem Turns Trash into Biofuel

Enerkem produces renewable methanol and ethanol from non-recyclable, non-compostable waste at commercial scale. Micaël Boulet, Team Lead of the Computational Modeling Group at Enerkem, explains how they take trash and turn it into useable fuels.

man at engine
magniX Propels Aviation Technology

With magniX propulsion technology powering a range of different aircraft, the company is offering a glimpse into the electric era of aviation. Sara Roggia, Senior Electric Propulsion Engineer at magniX, explains how simulation helps to build electric aircraft.

Quaise Energy Develops Hybrid Deep Drilling
Quaise Energy Develops Hybrid Deep Drilling

Quaise Energy is pursuing the development and commercialization of millimeter wave drilling technology for deep geothermal heat access, mining, and civil construction. CEO and co-founder Carlos Araque explains how simulation is helping Quaise achieve its goals.

Amber Kinetics Simulates Safety
Amber Kinetics Simulates Safety

Amber Kinetics manufactures long-duration kinetic energy storage systems (KESS). The company uses Ansys simulation to help ensure its massive steel flywheel rotor can safely expand and contract as it spins up and decelerates.

engine block
Baker Hughes Leverages Hydrogen Combustion

Baker Hughes is accelerating hydrogen deployment as an alternative source of energy. Rod Christie, Executive Vice President of Turbomachinery and Process Solutions at Baker Hughes, explains how they’re making innovative products for clean energy.

Climeworks Captures Carbon from Air
Climeworks Captures Carbon from Air

Climeworks develops commercially viable, filter-based direct air capture (DAC) technology. Nathalie Casas, Head of Technology at Climeworks, explains the science behind carbon capture and Climeworks’ DAC technology.

lady at computer
Turntide Transforms Commercial Vehicles

Turntide Technologies uses Ansys simulation solutions to produce electric vehicle powertrain components that help transform commercial and industrial vehicles from gas and diesel engines to clean, quiet battery electric machines — a significant step towards achieving global net-zero goals.

bike wheel
Bimotal Builds Electric Assisted Bicycles

Designed using Ansys Motor-CAD simulation software, Elevate is a lightweight device that can be installed in seconds using a quick-connect cam lever on the brake rotor of the back wheel of most current bikes. 

nuclear molecule
General Fusion Makes Emission Free Energy a Reality

Simulation is helping power company General Fusion bring the commercialization of fusion energy closer than we’ve ever thought possible. Hear General Fusion explain how fusion works and what they’re doing to make fusion possible.

Astrobotic Technology Success Story
Astrobotic Technology Shoots for the Moon

Lunar logistics company Astrobotic Technology is on a mission to make robotic and human space exploration accessible to the world – and it’s using Ansys simulation solutions to do it. 

Ansys + Halodi Robotics
Halodi Robotics Engineers Helpful Humanoid Robots

Testing its robot EVE as an assistant to healthcare personnel, Halodi Robotics found that it has the potential to free up the approximately 200 hours nurses spend on simple logistics tasks, allowing them to spend more time caring for patients.

Ansys + NVIDIA
NVIDIA and Ansys Advance Next Wave of Artificial Intelligence

As technology leaders in high performance computing (HPC), Ansys works closely with NVIDIA to develop GPU-accelerated solvers and algorithms.

Ansys + BMW
BMW Group Paves the Way for Fully Autonomous Vehicles

Simulation greatly reduces the need for physical testing and will help bring safe AVs to the highways in a fraction of the time. By working together, Ansys and the BMW Group are paving the way for fully autonomous vehicles.

Ansys + Embraer
Embraer Partners with Ansys to Make Aviation Innovations a Reality.

As one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world, Embraer partners with Ansys to use the latest and greatest of simulation to make their aviation innovations a reality.

Ansys + PTC
PTC Streamlines Operations and Improves Product Design

PTC and Ansys share the vision to help organizations improve product design and streamline operations through the ThingWorx Industrial Innovation Platform and the democratization of simulation with Creo Simulation Live and Creo Ansys Simulation.

Ansys + Medtronic
Medtronic Fuses Technology and Research to Create Groundbreaking Healthcare Solutions

From less-invasive surgery to the world’s smallest pacemaker, Medtronic technology, backed by Ansys simulation solutions, helps save lives.  

Innoviz Technologies Advances Lidar

Innoviz Technologies harnesses the power of Ansys simulation solutions to drive the technology behind their unique automotive-grade lidar sensor and achieve autonomy for their customers. As a result, product development time has decreased by two full design cycles over one and a half years, and costs have been reduced.

Ansys + Bosch
Robert Bosch Engineering Drives Innovation in Electric Vehicle Design

Together, Ansys and Bosch are meeting the challenge of designing the next generation of electric vehicle design by combining the best of physics-based simulation and data analytics-based solutions. 

Ansys + Student Teams
Student Design Teams Partner with Ansys

Today’s students are tomorrow’s engineers, researchers and entrepreneurs. Ansys is committed to academia and provides engineering simulation software for university-based student teams participating in competitions such as Formula SAE (FSAE), Solar Challenge, Electronic Design Competition, Solar Splash, SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Design, Racing Aeolus, Human Powered Vehicle Challenge (HPVC) and many more.

Ansys + EasyMile
EasyMile Delivers Complete Solutions for Driverless Mobility and Goods Transportation

Delivering on the promise of autonomous vehicles worldwide, EasyMile is transforming the way we think about transportation. Together with Ansys and CADFEM France, EasyMile is meeting the challenge of demonstrating the safety of these public and private autonomous vehicles, while significantly shortening development cycles, speeding time to market, and reducing operational costs.

closeup of hard drive
Seagate Technology Maximizes Data’s Potential

From the smallest units in chip development to the largest components in the full assembly of hard drives, Seagate implements Ansys’ multiphysics simulation throughout product innovation. Incorporating simulation into technology and business strategies reduces the need for late-stage redesigns, saving Seagate considerable time and cost.

Ansys + Air Race E
Air Race E Accelerates Aircraft Electrification

Through a sponsorship with Air Race E, Ansys technologies will help accelerate the design of innovative all-electric race planes competing in the Air Race E World Championship, a series of international air racing competitions that are spurring the future technology developments needed to drive more sustainable aviation.