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Ansys 2023 R1: Ansys Minerva and Simulation Process Data Management (SPDM) Update

The 2023 R1 release of Minerva improves engineering productivity with an efficient simulation process, data management, and an easier way to manage data across tasks performed by development teams. Register today for this webinar.

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About this Webinar

Learn about the latest innovations of Ansys Minerva and the value of SPDM. See how you can increase your team’s productivity in the simulation process and data management, particularly with new capabilities around business process management, Icepak Integrations, and much more.

What Will You Learn

  • How to utilize Minerva for SPDM and improved business process management 
  • How it is easier to manage Icepak and Fluent projects through file support, metadata extraction and reporting and through HPC submission and resources

Who Should Attend

Tools and Methods Engineers, Simulation Analysts who uses simulation in a team setting and needs to store the simulation data, simulation non-experts who want to take advantage of simulation


Florent Petiot