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F1 in Schools + Ansys

We are the exclusive global partner for CFD simulation for F1 in Schools teams providing access to free software, learning resources and support. 

Downloading Ansys student software does not include the collection of any personal information. If a student desires to use our full version software, they should partner with their parent or guardian and review the ansys Privacy Policy & Terms of Use.

Sonic Boom Team

F1 in Schools

Free Software, Resources and Support for Global Teams

F1 in Schools teams using Ansys have a competitive edge and gain a skillset required to be successful in their learning journey and future careers. Ansys provides F1 in Schools teams free industry-leading software, resources, and support. Ansys is also committed to a diverse, inclusive, and equitable future of engineering.

Learn with Free Ansys Innovation Courses

This collection of courses is custom-built for students participating in the F1 in Schools STEM Challenge. Whether you are just starting out and would benefit from a beginner’s course on the fundamentals of CFD or are ready to get up and running with Ansys software for your teams’ needs we have something for you. With these expertly crafted courses, you'll gain the knowledge of physics and engineering simulation topics needed to design an award-winning F1 in Schools car.   Set your team up for success by learning how to use industry-leading simulation software to help you win!

F1 in Schools Sim

Ansys Discovery Brings High School Students on Team Aurora National STEM Success

Team Aurora is comprised of six students from Trinity Grammar School, Kew — a boys’ school located in Melbourne, Australia. Having surpassed every Australian competitor in 2023 by a staggering margin of more than 90 points, Team Aurora continues their STEM journey onto the World Finals Learn how using Ansys Discovery was a turning point for their team and was crucial to their success.

Team Aurora members

Flash Your Partnership

F1 in Schools teams using Ansys have permission to use the Ansys logo on their website, social media pages, marketing collateral, and, most importantly, your finished designs. Showcase your team’s skillset with Ansys by highlighting our logo on your design.

Team Aurora F1 Car

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