ANSYS Electronics Desktop Features

The ANSYS Electronics Desktop environment houses the ANSYS gold-standard electromagnetics simulation applications. Tight integration among the simulators yields unprecedented ease of use for setup and solution of complex simulations for design and optimization. It is the native desktop for HFSS, Maxwell, Q3D Extractor, Simplorer and other simulators.

Design and Simulation Management

ANSYS Electronics Desktop provides a common user interface, model entry and setup, simulation control, and post processing in a single framework. ANSYS gold standard electromagnetic field simulators HFSS, Maxwell, and Q3D Extractor share this desktop environment with all analyses available for insertion into a single design. Electromagnetic field simulation is complemented by schematic entry and linkage to circuit and system simulators. This single desktop environment can be used to create electronics and electromechanical designs with comprehensive simulation that dynamically links electromagnetics, electrical circuits and system simulation.

eDesktop Design Simulation Management

Multiple and connected simulations in ANSYS Electronics Desktop


The ANSYS Electronics Desktop has a high-performance 3-D layout interface as a complement to the traditional arbitrary 3-D CAD-based modeling interface. The HFSS 3D Layout interface is a significant productivity enhancement for IC Package and PCB designers, as it allows them to easily create fully parametric layout-based models to be solved by ANSYS HFSS. Electromagnetic field solutions are fully 3-D; only the geometry is layer-based. Models of printed circuit boards (PCB), electronic packages and custom integrated circuits can be brought into the desktop from popular electronic design automation (EDA) tools. What’s more, the 3-D layout interfaces with specialized HFSS meshing engines to speed solutions. More information on ANSYS HFSS 3-D Layout can be found here.

eDesktop HFSS Layout

ANSYS HFSS 3-D layout of Xilinx Vertex 6 printed circuit board

Design Automation and Scripting

ANSYS Electronics Desktop products support both Python and Visual Basic scripting. You can record keyboard and mouse inputs while creating models, setting boundary conditions, simulation parameters, and post-processing.

eDesktop Design Automation Scripting

Automated signal integrity design flow reads ECAD geometry, assembles a system, and then perform compliance testing.

Component Libraries and Model Support

Explosive growth of connected electronic devices is driving the demand for electromagnetic simulation and design. Design of RF/microwave components, antennas and embedded passives, and high-speed interfaces in a single product presents new challenges to design organizations. ANSYS Electronic Desktop supports vendor component libraries and numerous modeling technologies.

New capabilities introduced in ANSYS HFSS enable you to design, optimize and share high-frequency components across engineering departments and throughout the supply chain, leveraging component IP at higher levels of integration. Just as S-parameters revolutionized microwave design through black-box electrical representation of high-frequency components, this new capability will streamline design by providing full 3-D accuracy to multiscale assemblies, which in turn accelerates placement studies and robust design for manufacturing and supports collaboration through component sharing.

eDesktop Component Libraries Model

Printed circuit board is assembled with chip antenna and connector 3-D components into a full assembly for simulation.

eDesktop Component Libraries Model Antenna

Antenna array component is assembled with aircraft model for full 3-D electromagnetic simulation.

ANSYS Electronics Desktop Product Offering

ANSYS Electronics Desktop is available in two configurations:

  • Full version for all 3-D and 2-D circuits and systems
  • Core version for 2-D circuits and systems

Most applications will require the full version, but the core version is valuable for organizations that do a significant amount of circuit simulation using pre-computed electromagnetic component results. All functionality of the core version is available in the full version.

Functionality Electronics
Desktop Core
2-D Extractor GUI
Maxwell 2-D GUI
Circuit Schematic GUI
Circuit Netlist GUI
Simplorer GUI
Maxwell Circuit GUI
RMxprt GUI
Filter Design GUI
Network Data Explorer
XY Rectangular Plots (eye diagrams, insertion loss, return loss, etc.)
Smith Chart
HFSS GUI (eigenmode, driven modal, driven terminal, 3-D transient)  
HFSS 3-D Layout GUI (HFSS, PlanarEM, SIwave)  
Maxwell 3-D GUI  
Q3D Extractor GUI  
3-D Fields Post-Processing  
3-D Layout Fields Post-Processing  
3-D Fields Calculator