ANSYS Q3D Extractor efficiently performs the 3D and 2D quasi-static electromagnetic field simulations required for the extraction of RLCG parameters from an interconnect structure. It then automatically generates an equivalent SPICE subcircuit model. These highly accurate models can be used to perform signal integrity analysis to study electromagnetic phenomena, such as crosstalk, ground bounce, interconnect delays and ringing, to understand the performance of interconnects, IC packages, connectors, PCB’s, bus bars and cables.

Q3D Extractor provides partial inductance and resistance extractions that help design DC-DC power converters, along with unit cell capacitance extractions for touchscreen devices. To accelerate model creation, it can also import files from well-known MCAD and ECAD providers such as Altium, Autodesk, Cadence, Dassault, Mentor Graphics, PTC and Zuken. This greatly improves the efficiency of analyzing modern electronic packages and PCBs to ensure proper performance of integrated circuits. Q3D Extractor seamlessly transfers data to different ANSYS physics solvers, such as ANSYS Icepak for thermal design and ANSYS Mechanical for structural analysis, to deliver industry-leading multiphysics analysis.



  • Fast, Accurate 3D Parasitic Extraction

    Enables you to accurately extract 3D parasitics from PCBs, IC packages, MCMs, cables and converters.

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  • Automatic Adaptive Meshing

    Provides answers with user-specified accuracy with minimal setup effort or manual intervention with the mesh process.

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  • Equivalent Circuit Model Creation

    Automatically creates models for circuit simulation.

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  • IBIS Package Model Extraction

    Extracts signal and power ground parasitics for inclusion in IBIS models.

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  • Power Converter Design

    Optimizes inverter/converter architectures and minimizes bus inductance, overvoltage situations and short-circuit currents.

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  • Touchscreen Design

    Extracts and optimizes RLC parasitics for touchscreen design.

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  • Multidomain System Modeling

    Integrated modeling capability to analyze electromagnetic components within a systems environment

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  • High-Performance Computing

    Perform bigger, faster and higher-fidelity simulations with our groundbreaking high-performance computing (HPC) methodologies, which are optimized for single multicore machines and scalable to take advantage of full cluster power.

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  • Optimetrics

    Quickly identify optimal values for critical design parameters and perform detailed sensitivity and statistical analysis.

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  • Network Data Explorer

    Provides visualization, analysis, and manipulation tools for network data.

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  • Electronics Desktop

    Unified platform for electromagnetic, electromechanical, circuit and system simulation. HFSS, Maxwell, Q3D Extractor, Icepak and Simplorer are built into the Electronics Desktop, which serves as a universal pre- and post- processor for these tools.

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  • Q3D Extractor Packages

    Includes Q3D Extractor, Electronics Pro 2D and additional capabilities.

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Churning Wind into Power

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More Music, Less Noise

As automotive infotainment units become more complex, designers turn to simulation at the chip level to ensure reliable, noise-free performance.

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