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Ansys SynMatrix Filter
RF Filter Design and Optimization Software

RF filter design software for aerospace and defence, military, satellite, telecom, radar, and automotive radar applications.

Waveguide, Cavity, and SIW Filters

A complete end-to-end RF filter design and test and measurement platform that features auto-3D modeling, AI-driven optimization, and fully integrated Ansys HFSS workflows.

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    Bandpass, Bandstop, Low pass, Multiband
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    Ceramic, Cavity, Waveguide, SIW filters
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    Automated workflows
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    Predict Manufacturing Yield
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    Intelligent Optimization Suite
Material Charging and Discharging Model

Quick Specs

Automated 3D modeling and optimization workflows help accelerate complex cavity and waveguide filter development for demanding RF system environments.

  • Advanced Topology Designs
  • Integrated w/Ansys HFSS
  • Computer-aided tuning and optimization
  • Diplexers and Triplexers support
  • Auto 3D modeling workflow
  • AI Optimization and Space Mapping
  • Thermal Drift and Power Handling Analysis
  • Real-time test and tuning workflow
  • Monte Carlo and Yields Analysis

Accelerating Filter Design from Days to Hours

Ansys Synmatrix Product Page

Using AI optimization and automation workflows to accelerate the development of 5G and other RF/microwave communication applications in aerospace and defense and automotive industries.  

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This webinar  will present a combined HFSS-SynMatrix workflow for the 3D modeling and design of 5G and mm-Wave coaxial cavity and waveguide filters. We’ll include methods for automating the design and optimization of your filter that also account for temperature and power effects on your filter’s performance.

Get to Market Faster using AI and Automation workflows

Using automation workflows, advanced synthesis and extraction functions, and a powerful suite of AI-driven optimization tools, users can realize significant time savings using the Ansys SynMatrix Filter software suite.




  • Specification Analysis
  • Automatic 3D Geometries
  • Accurate Rapid Solving & Optimization
  • Test & Measurement
  • Bandpass, bandstop, and low pass filters
  • Multiband filters
  • Diplexer and Triplexer support
  • Single resonator analysis
  • Frequency and unloaded Q analysis
  • Adjacent and I/O coupling analysis
  • Customized 3D modelling workflow fully parameterized in HFSS
  • Peak power handling and thermal drift analysis for coaxial cavities
  • Analyze the main, sequential or all couplings to evaluate the sensitivity of the coupling matrix
  • Evaluate RF performance changes based on physical dimension variations
  • Analyze the yield of the full 3D model simulation in HFSS
  • Advanced coupling matrix extraction featuring two-port and multiport tuning
  • Time domain workflow tools
  • Circuit EM optimization
  • Dispersive effect and spurious prediction tools
  • Features a Perturbation system to calculate the derivative matrix to improve optimization performance
  • AI optimization, space mapping and customization workflows integrated with HFSS
  • Drive HFSS simulations and update HFSS models automatically using an easy-to-use GUI




Two New Solutions for RF/Microwave Filter Design

Filter design has become increasingly complex with the advent of multiband RF for the most advanced wireless protocols. The blog explores Ansys filter design solutions such as SynMatrix that help both novice and expert filter designers alike.

Designing Coaxial Cavity and Waveguide filters using automatic 3D modelling and AI optimization

Designing Coaxial Cavity and Waveguide Filters With 3D Modeling and AI

In this webinar, our technology partner, SynMatrix, will present a combined HFSS-SynMatrix workflow for the 3Dmodeling and design of 5G and mm-Wave coaxial cavity and waveguide filters. We’ll include methods for automating the design and optimization of your filter circuits and accounting for temperature and power effects on your filter’s performance.



Optimize Radio Frequency Filter Design with SynMatrix and Electromagnetic Simulation

A quick overview of SynMatrix and its main capabilities. The text includes a description of the types of filter designs you can target with SynMatrix as well as using it in conjunction with Ansys HFSS.

Application Briefs


Complex Filter Design

This application note delves into the capabilities of SynMatrix and uses the development of two lumped element filters – one for a waveguide, the other for a complex cavity – as illustrative examples.

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