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Multistage Forming Simulation with Ansys Forming

This lightning talk delivers a brief overview of Ansys forming tool to easily define complex sheet metal forming processes and set up multi-stage forming simulations.


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About this Webinar

Forming is a mechanical process used in manufacturing industries wherein materials (primarily metals) undergo plastic deformations and acquire required shapes and sizes by application of suitable stresses such as compression, shear, and tension. Ansys Forming is a dedicated tool for stamping simulations, and it seamlessly integrates preprocessing, solving, and postprocessing in a user-friendly interface. A template-based approach lets you easily define complex sheet metal forming processes and set up multistage forming simulations. With Ansys Forming, we can achieve optimal performance, maintain speed and accuracy, and enhance your productivity and cost savings by reducing die cuts and redesigning.

In this webinar we’ll discuss the different features available in Ansys Forming tool to perform the stamping process.

  • Deep integration of pre-processor, solver, and post-processor into a simple interface
  • Material database management allows easy access to the material data provided with Ansys Forming
  • Straightforward process management, users define multi-step processes quickly
  • Smart adaptivity includes accurate mesh refinement, reducing the number of elements during simulation and speeding the simulation
  • Multi-contact auto move automatically closes the gap between tools

What You Will Learn

  • Solve forming simulation in Ansys Forming tool
  • Learn the challenges in measuring during Forming simulation
  • Set up multi-stage forming simulations

Who Should Attend

Team leads, Engineers, Product simulation managers, FEA Engineers

Speakers Names

Neetu Jha, Senior Technical Support Engineer