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Automotive Electronics Reliability Part 3:

How to Meet Reliability Goals Without Historic Reliability Data

Autonomous vehicles & electrification are driving new demands for automotive electronics including new andunexplored duty cycles. View our webinar to learn how to perform reliability assessments without historical data.


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About this Webinar

The advent of autonomous vehicles and vehicle electrification has led to a demand for newer technologies and created previously unexplored duty cycles —requiring a shift in design across the entire vehicle, including its electronic systems. Without historical reliability data that electronic designers & manufacturers typically use for reliability assessments, engineers face the challenge of predicting reliability without the data to back up their assumptions.

This presentation showcases a multi-physics workflow that assesses all physics impacting an electronic device over more rigorous duty cycles and environmental conditions. Users can assess electronic performance over newer criteria and standards and determine whether design, layout, or component changes are needed before creating a physical prototype. In addition, it's difficult for one engineer to analyze all physics & perform all aspects of the workflow without high levels of expertise in each physics discipline. The workflow shown will include Ansys Minerva as a data management and project management tool, allowing engineers to work together across departments to design the most reliable product.

What You Will Learn

  • How are new automotive trends, including autonomous and electrification, driving new design demands and challenges
  • Learn to perform reliability predictions without historic reliability handbook data
  • Watch a step-by-step workflow presented by automotive electronic simulation experts

Who Should Attend

Automotive electronics designers & manufacturers, Automotive OEMs, Automotive OEM suppliers, PCB Designers, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Thermal Engineers, Reliability Engineers, Structural Engineers


Tyler Ferris, Carlos Gomez

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