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Ansys 2023 R2: AEDT Electro-Thermo-Mechanical Analysis What’s New

This webinar will demonstrate the seamless connectivity of AEDT and will show a structural analysis in mechanical design with temperature loads from Ansys Icepak, all inside a unified GUI.


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About this Webinar

Due to miniaturization and high operating speeds, the need for multiphysics simulations of electronic systems is rising daily. Ansys Electronics Desktop can perform electrical, thermal, and structural simulations in a single GUI to address this need.

This webinar demonstrates the seamless connectivity of AEDT, starting from DCIR simulation in HFSS design, taking the PCB losses into Ansys Icepak design, and finally doing a structural analysis in mechanical design with temperatures loads from Icepak, all inside a unified GUI. The AEDT framework seamlessly facilitates the automatic quantities mapping from one design to another. 

In summary, we will showcase how AEDT 2023 R2 can create integrated workflows and highlight the new features introduced to enhance thermal simulation capabilities.

What You Will Learn

In our latest software release, new updates include: 

  • Development and usage of electro-thermo-mechanical workflows and demo
  • New thermal modeling related features introduced in AEDT 2023 R2

Who Should Attend

Design Engineers, Thermal Simulation Engineers, CFD Engineers, Mechanical Engineers


Tejas Jeurkar, Nitin Netake