Automotive embedded systems and electronics make today’s vehicles more efficient, safe, comfortable and fun. Paradigm changing innovations such as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles are just a few years from production. Vehicles will soon be more electronic machines than mechanical ones. However, automotive electronics and automotive embedded systems drastically increase the complexity of a vehicle, and vehicle makers struggle to manage the resulting safety and reliability issues.

Vehicle makers and suppliers must adopt standards such as ISO26262 and AUTOSAR that reduce complexity and enhance safety. However, this must be accomplished while drastically reducing the time to market.

ANSYS simulation software enables faster, more robust engineering of antenna and radar development, EMI–EMC, signal integrity, chip–package systems, infotainment, human-machine interfaces, telecommunications and electronics cooling. ANSYS tools are revolutionizing development of controller software via high-fidelity, fast-running, model-based systems engineering solutions to create models for controller software verification. Certified automatic embedded code generation tools eliminate the need for controller software validation.