Efficient High-Performance Turbocharger Development

The ANSYS comprehensive solution for efficient, high-performance turbocharger development enables engineers to achieve higher compressor and turbine efficiency with broader operating range and minimal inertia, all while complying with package size limitations and cost constraints. This ANSYS solution is useful for:

  • Compressor development: 1-D design and optimization; 2-D blade geometry development; structured meshing for 3-D simulation; pump characterization and optimization
  • Automation: automated parametric runs for creating compressor map
  • Structural aspects: rotordynamics, structural strength, thermal–structural durability and fatigue

The software includes the ANSYS CFX flow solver, the most trusted and used 3-D CFD solver for turbocharger development.

Dominant Effect of Tip Clearance

Flow simulation shows the dominant effect of tip clearance

Deflection of Blades 

Deflection of blades excited at first flap frequency