EMA3D Cable

Platform-Level EMC Cable Modeling

Cable modeling software for simulating EMI/EMC effects on large platforms to provide design and EMC certification support.

Simulate the Future

Platform-Level EMC Cable Modeling and Simulation Software

Ansys EMA3D Cable specializes in analyzing lightning-induced electromagnetic (EM) effects on large platforms as well as cable EMI/EMC problems in aircraft and automobile platforms to support EMC certification. EMA3D Cable bolsters the design-to-validation workflow with system-design evaluation for cable harness models in the aerospace, automotive, military, oil and gas, consumer electronics and energy sectors.

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    SpaceClaim’s Direct Modeler UI
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    Cable Cross-Sections Electrostatic Simulation
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    Streamlined Cable-Focused Workflow
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    Hybrid Transmission Line Harness

Product Specs

Ansys EMA3D Cable simulates issues including EMI/EMC for cables, crosstalk, shielding effectiveness, lightning strikes, High Intensity Radiated Fields (HIRF) and Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP). These solutions will provide great cost benefits for companies in their design, validation and certification programs.

  • Finite-Difference-Time-Domain (FDTD)
  • Hybrid Transmission Line Solve
  • Supports Ansys HPC
  • Supports Multilevel Shielding
  • Inductance and Capacitance Simulation
  • Ansys SpaceClaimTM Included
  • Thin-Surface Algorithms
  • Ansys HFSS Integration

Aerospace and Automotive Electromagnetic Test Environments

Test Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) of Complex Aircraft and Automobiles Systems with a Full Electromagnetic (EM) Model

EMA3D Cable


To protect the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of complex systems like aircraft and automobiles, you need a full electromagnetic (EM) model. 

This white paper demonstrates a workflow using the electromagnetic simulation environment of Ansys EMA3D Cable. EMA3D Cable is a full-wave, finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) electromagnetic solver that includes a multi-conductor transmission line solver for cables integrated within the FDTD geometry. It is ideal for simulation of complex platforms that include electrical wiring interconnect system cable harnesses.

What's New

Simulate sub-system components (such as antennas and PCBs) with HFSS and bring the fields into EMA3D cable easily to simulate systems (such as a car) in a real-life environment.


Simulate System-Level Cable Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Real-World EMI Events

When you’re designing the wiring harness for the controls system of a helicopter or the power distribution system of a next generation electric vehicle (EV), unwanted electromagnetic system effects can drastically uphold long-term production and cost-effectiveness.

As systems increase in complexity, system-level simulation becomes increasingly crucial to properly design an EMC solution and mitigate design failure in the future. EMA3D boasts many capabilities that can help validate your design of a single cable assembly, the high-level system, and every system in between.



Key Features

Unwanted internal and external coupling can prevent or inhibit testing certifications. EMA3D Cable’s capabilities start with:

  • Shielding effectiveness analysis
  • High Intensity Radiated Fields (HIRF) and cable coupling
  • EMI crosstalk between cables
  • Current return network optimization
  • Cable signal integrity
  • Lightning and EMP coupling to equipment interfaces

Radiated emissions simulations can be performed in full platforms, allowing the users to compute electric and magnetic fields anywhere in space due to radiation from cables and components. The automated coupling to HFSS allows engineers to consider the radiation of high-fidelity components such as packages, PCBs and antennas.

The coupling from ideal sources or specific components to cables installed in realistic platforms can be easily computed in the simulation environment. Radiated immunity tests, such as High Intensity Radiated Fields (HIRF) or Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), can be easily simulated in Ansys EMA3D Cable. 

Easily setup Bulk Current Injection (BCI) and conduct susceptibility tests on wiring harness bundles.

By using a very forgiving mesh, EMA3D Cable can handle extremely complex platforms to compute shielding effectiveness.

Compute induced voltage and currents on real wiring harness bundles using the transmission line solver.

Evaluate how the digital and analog signals are affected by the cable definition and external electromagnetic noise.

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