Converting scanned or faceted data into usable 3D models:

For reverse engineering, SpaceClaim is unmatched in terms of power, ease of use and flexibility. Intuitive tools function to rapidly and easily convert any faceted data to surfaces or solids for downstream use. Regardless of the scan integrity, any STL file can be rapidly converted to CAD format.

Autosurfacing with Skin Surface
A groundbreaking tool called Skin Surface gives you a powerful method for autosurfacing to surface or solid geometry from prismatic or organic shapes. You can now push the boundaries of what was previously feasible and rapidly reconstruct surface data around scans of complex shapes like living organisms. While this may have been possible before, never was it as simple as ANSYS SpaceClaim has made. The Skin surface tool can also be used to reconstruct fixtures or jigs around faceted data, or to modify geometry of things like worn out parts.

Key features of using SpaceClaim for reverse engineering include:

  • Automatic surface fitting along facets of any STL file
  • Create and modify highly organic skinned surfaces
  • Sketch curves along the facets of an STL file
  • Easily create fixtures around faceted data
  • Rapid blending of period loops in recreating complex geometry