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The Optimeyes™ simulation software, developed by Optimo Medical in Switzerland, is the first ever product, capable of providing patient-specific eye surgery planning, outcome prediction, and treatment parameter optimization. The software uses Ansys Structural to simulate the effects of physical interferences planned for the individual eye with a precision that outperforms conventional methods. In eye surgery, it is literally microns that make the difference between a success operation and an unsatisfactory result. Too many of the 50’000 eyes operated on every day, have an unsatisfactory outcome. As Univ.-Prof. and key-opinion-leader Thomas Kohnen puts it: “[..] there is actually a lot of variability in outcomes. This may result from the incorrect placement of incisions” (source: Eurotimes, July/August 2015). Eye surgery is becoming more complex because patients are getting younger, more and more demanding, and expect consequently better results. Even though diagnosis and therapy rely on hi-tech devices, surgery planning was based on lo-tech statistical charts and the experience of doctors. Nonetheless, the patient’s vision correction was frequently lower than what was expected. This resulted in a second intervention for the patient. With Optimeyes, lo-tech planning is replaced with hi-tech solutions and the treatment planning is simplified and results improved. The vision is that, thanks to the support of Ansys Inc., Optimo Medical becomes a global leader in personalized eye surgery planning. By applying personalized biomechanical simulations in daily clinical practice, Optimeyes™ helps patients suffering from vision impairment to regain a higher quality of life.

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