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Northern Computer Technologies, Inc. DBA Nor-Tech

Nor-Tech is a system integrator that provides turnkey Ansys computing solutions. Nor-Tech doesn’t sell Ansys software directly, but works closely with Ansys to provide seamless software integration on both HPC and workstation solutions. Nor-Tech shrinks the time from unboxing to full productivity by providing a turnkey computing solution. Our custom builds are manufactured to meet the specific individual needs of clients. All modeling simulations are different, and Nor-Tech works with our clients to design solutions optimized to meet their needs.

Nor-Tech also partners with Intel, HP, Dell, Lenovo, & Super Micro which allows us to meet any hardware specific corporate standards. Nor-Tech provides solutions based on both Windows and Linux platforms using CPU and GPU computing including both NVIDIA Tesla and AMD Instinct. Our integration services include setting up job schedulers to accelerate deployment on-site. We remove the challenge of configuring and deploying a high-performance computing solution by turning the cluster into an appliance that can be easily attached to your organization’s network internally or one of Nor-Tech’s experienced HPC engineers can complete the installation on-site for you.

Nor-Tech provides HPC solutions from a single node entry level cluster to data center size. Single node clusters provide the foundation for the end-user to increase computing beyond the architecture of a single workstation. A single node cluster allows our clients to scale in the future while staying within their current budget today. When weighing against the cost of high-end workstation purchases a single node cluster can be a very practical, affordable and upgradeable option.

Nor-Tech’s turnkey clusters take the concern out of deploying HPC solutions. Nor-Tech clusters can help reduce the workload needed by an organization’s internal IT department by providing fully configured out of box solutions and in some cases, Nor-Tech clusters can eliminate an organization’s IT department’s involvement by working directly with the engineering department for complete deployment.

Beyond the standard rack cabinet configuration, Nor-Tech offers options to help with cluster deployment. Nor-Tech has noise reduction options for when the cluster is going to be deployed in the common workspace. Nor-Tech also has portable options that allow the cluster to be moved closer to the required work.

Nor-Tech’s industry leading integration process gives clients the ability to fully test their cluster remotely in advance of any on-site deployment. This unique testing process offers Nor-Tech the confidence to deploy clusters worldwide. The remote testing also gives clients the confidence that the cluster will perform as desired once on-site.

Nor-Tech also offers computing options beyond HPC solutions. We have developed a proprietary ultra-quiet engineering workstation for serious users that requires a significant amount of computing cores in a workplace environment. This quiet workstation was created with the intense processing demands of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in mind. Noise isn’t a factor–engineers are free to push the system’s performance limits.

Nor-Tech provides People Friendly Technology with a Global Reach.

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