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Turntide Transforms Commercial Vehicles

Vehicle Electrification

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From Gas to Electric

Turntide Technologies uses Ansys simulation solutions to produce electric vehicle powertrain components that help transform commercial and industrial vehicles from gas and diesel engines to clean, quiet battery electric machines — a significant step towards achieving global net-zero goals. Chris Pennison, Senior VP of Operations at Turntide Technologies, explains the importance of focusing on the “long tail” of vehicle electrification and how to get large, industrial equipment from gas to electric.

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“Rather than building everything, run the simulation. We make sure we can still get everything we are trying to do in that same envelope with the weight we’re allowed before we start to physically cut steel.” 

Chris Pennison,
Senior VP of Operations at Turntide Technologies

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Turntide uses Ansys to Reduce Costs for Electric Construction Vehicles

Simulation is key to developing Turntide’s zero-emissions electric powertrain components and battery systems.

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Electromagnetic, Signal Integrity, Thermal and Electro-Mechanical

The use of Ansys Electronics solution suite minimizes the testing costs, ensures regulatory compliance, improves reliability and drastically reduces your product development time. 

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Simulating the Future of Transportation and Mobility

Exponentially innovate with the next generation of simulation and engineering tools, and deliver the transportation and mobility experiences of the future.