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March 10, 2021

Simulation World 2021 Speakers Push Technology's Limits

Businesses are moving faster than ever by capitalizing on digital transformation to drive innovation across industries. By next year, organizations will increase their investments in data governance, digital engineering and digital operations technologies by 40%, according to IDC1 and more than half of organizations with 1,000+ employees will accelerate their digital transformation projects2, putting their slower competition at a considerable disadvantage.

If you’re merely keeping up in today’s fast-paced environment, you’re falling behind. That’s why thought leaders from some of the world’s most successful companies will share their advice on engineering what’s ahead during Simulation World 2021, the world’s largest virtual engineering simulation event.

Digital Transformation: Succeed with Simulation

The inaugural Simulation World event featured more than 300 speakers. Check out some of this year’s featured speakers on the Simulation World 2021 website. Below is a sneak peak of a few of our executive presentations for Simulation World 2021, which takes place April 20-21 in the Americas and Europe, the Middle East and Africa; and April 21-22 in the Asia-Pacific region.

Microsoft VP of Manufacturing Industry, Caglayan Arkan, will present “The Art of Possible: Engineering New Business Value in Today’s Disruptive Times.” He notes that the businesses that are thriving during these disruptive times are doing so because they have the right vision, informed by what technology is capable of in terms of transforming product engineering and development, manufacturing and customer experiences.

Arkan will share how Microsoft and Ansys are partnering to unlock innovation and deliver new services using high-performance computing (HPC), simulation and digital twins.

Red Bull Racing CIO Matt Cadieux will present “Pushing the Boundaries of Simulation” at Simulation World to share how Red Bull Racing relies on virtualized design and development off the track to deliver race-winning performance on the track. This continuous and rapid process ensures the car is optimized for maximum performance at each race circuit.

During this session, Cadieux will highlight how the team leverages digital simulation to achieve real-world performance. The Aerodynamics Team at Red Bull Racing has leveraged simulation technology to rapidly iterate aerodynamic design in a time-pressured environment, optimize material selection and improve the car’s safety structure. Simulation has greatly reduced the need for physical testing.

Industry leaders from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and AMD will discuss the dawn of the Exascale era at Simulation World. Bill Mannel, VP and GM, High Performance Computing, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE); and Mark Papermaster, CTO and EVP of Technology and Engineering at AMD, will present “The Supercomputer Comes to Everyone: Leveraging Exascale Era Technology in Today’s Computing Environment.”

During their presentation, you’ll learn how Exascale can take engineering simulation to new levels of power and fidelity that deliver unprecedented engineering insight into how products like autonomous vehicles, next-generation aircraft and medical devices will behave and perform in real-world conditions. Learn how Exascale supercomputers will support extreme scaling of computationally demanding simulations, high-fidelity digital twins, generative product design using machine learning algorithms and more.

Something for Everyone at Simulation World

Simulation World is organized into multiple tracks. Arkan, Cadieux, Mannel and Papermaster are part of the Executive track, which explores the business of simulation and of innovating product development more affordably across industries ranging from aerospace and defense, automotive, healthcare and high tech. Leadership track speakers will share insights on a post-COVID macroeconomic outlook and how they’re using sustainability, business transformation, diversity and inclusion, and other governance topics to their advantage. In the Academia track, you’ll hear from professors, educators and students on the role that simulation, materials education and collaborative research have played in their success.

Application-focused tracks cover Autonomy and Automotive, Cloud Computing, Digital Mission Engineering, Digital Transformation, Electrification and 5G Connectivity. Two popular tracks with engineers: Solutions Showcase and Software Tips and Tricks, will feature software demonstrations and provide insight on the best ways to apply Ansys solutions.

Attendees can mix-and-match presentations from different tracks and create their own custom agendas. The full Simulation World 2021 agenda will be revealed March 26.

Much like the game-changing results of digital transformation, Simulation World will be here before you know it. The free, online event kicks off on April 20. Register today to engineer what’s ahead.


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