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January 31, 2019

NVIDIA Brings GPU Capabilities and Real-Time Simulations to the Cloud

Thanks to NVIDIA Quadro, engineers will now be able to access graphical processing unit (GPU) capabilities on the cloud.

This means that engineers can run Ansys Discovery Live on virtual machine images (VMIs) that have NVIDIA Quadro enabled. As a result, engineers can perform real-time simulations on any web-based device.

The Quadro Virtual Workstation (Quadro vWS) is available on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Engineers can access Discovery Live on the cloud thanks to the NVIDIA Quadro launch on Microsoft Azure.

Quadro vWS-enabled VMIs will offer 24 GB of frame buffer per GPU and all the benefits of an on-premise deployment of a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

“Ansys Discovery Live is a breakthrough in the simulation experience. Powered by NVIDIA GPUs, it delivers an uncompromising interactive user experience. With Quadro vWS from the Azure marketplace, design engineers can quickly and easily interact with simulations in real time and iterate design alternatives remotely, on any device, resulting in significant cost and time reductions in the development phase,” says Justin Hendrickson, director of product management at Ansys.

Setting Up Discovery Live on the Cloud with Quadro vWS

The first step to run Discovery Live on the Cloud is to set up a Quadro vWS-enabled VMI on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Perform real time simulations on the cloud with Discovery Live, Quadro and Azure.

Engineers can configure the VMI with the virtual GPU, CPU, memory and storage settings they need. They can then spin-up or spin-down the VMI at any moment. Engineers only have to pay for what they use.

They also don’t have to purchase or manage any hardware or infrastructure. The VMI will remain optimized with the latest drivers and upgrades.

The next step is to install Discovery Live onto the VMI. Once this is done, engineers can run real-time simulations on the cloud.

As an added convenience, Quadro vWS instances on Tesla GPUs are also supported for Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure.

To learn more about NVIDIA’s move to the cloud, read: Ultimate Performance on Any Device, Anywhere: NVIDIA Quadro Comes to the Cloud.

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