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October 19, 2021

Learn from Leaders at the 2021 Ansys Digital Safety Conference 

Volvo, Airbus, and GE Aviation are just a handful of the thought leaders in systems and software engineering who will present at the 2021 Ansys Digital Safety Conference being held virtually October 26-27.

Each year, this event brings together leading companies from around the world in the automotive, aerospace and defense, rail, industrial equipment, and energy industries to discuss industry trends, market pressures, and their impact on safety engineering practices. This year’s event features 18 sessions, 22 speakers, and six live roundtable discussions.

Engineers and managers in systems, software, safety, and other areas will learn best practices in safety analysis and product development from top companies as well as Ansys partners. Attendees will also learn new features and functionality in Ansys software to help them manage their most pressing digital safety challenges. Additionally, participants will enjoy a range of networking opportunities, including interactive Q&A sessions, coffee breaks, and a virtual cocktail hour. 

The Increasing Importance of Digital Safety

Now in its 10th year, the Ansys Digital Safety Conference has never been more relevant as increasing product digitization has pushed safety issues to the forefront.

Cars, planes, trains, industrial equipment, energy grids, and other product systems deliver enormous benefits as they become more digitized, including increased autonomy, efficiency, and ease of use. However, highly digitized designs present a growing number of potential risks.

Across industries, product development teams are challenged to integrate dozens of electronic components and systems, engineered by multiple internal teams and external suppliers, in a safe manner. Every component must work reliably under every possible operating condition. Equally challenging, the entire system must work reliably and flawlessly once all components have been integrated. The overall architecture must be engineered so that it is impervious to cyberattacks. And, of course, the product design must meet rigorous safety standards, including certification of thousands of lines of embedded software code.

Adding to the challenge, product development teams are pressured to accelerate development cycles to seize market share and deliver innovation, while working with less engineering talent and lower budgets. It could be tempting to shortchange safety aspects, but instead safety verification activities must occur faster and more seamlessly than ever, without sacrificing any degree of analytic rigor or product confidence.

The Value of a Model-Based Approach

The 2021 Ansys Digital Safety Conference will focus on key solutions to the complex challenges facing engineers today: model-based systems engineering (MBSE) and model-based design (MBD) approaches that integrate system design, safety analysis, and software development at an earlier stage in development, before significant investments have been made in product design.

MBSE focuses on creating, maintaining, and exploiting models as the primary means of bringing stakeholders together across product development functions and engineering disciplines. Instead of relying on paper documents or consumer-grade tools like Excel or manual code, MBSE digitizes and automates the process of system and software designs, and associated safety analysis. It creates standardized practices across all functions, gathers data in a central location, and allows documenting all safety-related activities, thus shortening the time-to-market.

From suppliers and internal team members to process flows and analysis results, the design process of such safe systems includes many stakeholders and activities that must be managed carefully to meet aggressive launch deadlines. MBSE manages this process more effectively, helping companies move beyond successful execution of individual projects to building a culture and an organization focused on safety.

MBSE has proven its ability to help product development teams manage increasing design complexity, meet development deadlines, maximize available engineering talent, and cut costs — while also supporting the extreme level of analysis required to verify today’s digital product designs.

Many presenters at the conference will focus on the success their companies have achieved by applying model-based systems and software engineering approaches with Ansys medini and Ansys SCADE. Their results will inspire attendees to explore how this approach can be leveraged most effectively within their own product development organizations.

Register Today!

To network with industry leaders, learn best practices, and take your safety management efforts to the next level, register today for the 2021 Ansys Digital Safety Conference being held virtually October 26-27.

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