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April 8, 2020

Free Ansys Academic Resources for Distance Learning

Online learning has evolved over the last 5 years to make programs more accessible and convenient for students all over the world.

For example, university professors that teach science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) are making more and more courses available in online formats. Many of these STEM curricula leverage simulation to teach physics and solve engineering problems.

Though many students have access to Ansys simulation software through their university system, others need to gain access independently so they can participate in distance learning.

To address this need, Ansys develops free, online resources to help students learn and gain access to simulation technology. These resources span beyond free downloads and enable students to engage with self-learning.

Free Ansys Student Software Downloads

  • Discovery Live Student: a tool for early development simulation-led design
  • Discovery AIM Student: an introduction to simulation
  • Ansys SCADE Student: a tool for embedded software development and design

A student working on a simulation while sitting at home

  • Ansys Student: an Ansys Workbench-based multiphysics bundle that includes:
    • The structural modeling software Ansys Mechanical
    • The fluid modeling software Ansys CFD
    • The 3D modeling software Ansys Discovery SpaceClaim
    • The short impact and severe loading simulation software Ansys Autodyn
    • The optimization and parametric assessment software Ansys DesignXplorer
These free downloads enable students to perform simulations for assignments, capstone projects and online learning without accessing university computer labs.

The student versions of Ansys software have restrictions on how large a model can be so they can be widely accessible for educational purposes. So, professors should keep model sizes in mind when assigning projects.

Ansys Student Services

Some students will download simulation software and not know how to use it. A good place to start their learning process is the Ansys Academic YouTube playlists. On these playlists, students will find tutorials, testimonials, examples and more.

Those with further questions can interact with the Ansys Student Community. It is a highly active place to ask questions regarding the usage of Ansys software. The student community also has links to more tutorials, videos and educational content.

A student taking notes during
an online simulation tutorial

As for those that want to take their learning to an even deeper level, Cornell University has created a massive open online course (MOOC). This simulation course is perfect for those preparing for a new class, internship or job. It offers free, self-paced, hands-on instructions on how to use simulations to analyze real-world engineering problems.

As learning opportunities will only continue to become more prevalent online, Ansys continues to develop resources to support students in this area. To learn what is actively available, check out the Ansys Academic Program.

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