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June 22, 2021

Access 70 Million+ Safety Data Sheets via Granta MI

If you’re using the Ansys Granta MI Restricted Substances module, you now have access to 70+ million safety data sheets (SDS) from Chemwatch. This integrated solution provides access to product composition information that is essential for compliance with global regulations and chemicals risk management in manufacturing enterprises.

With 150,000 SDS added every night, Chemwatch maintains the world’s largest collection of SDS. You can use these SDS to easily find, automatically update and seamlessly manage regulated substance information.

Obstacles to Accessing the Right Data

Across chemicals management, the number of substance restrictions are growing globally. This creates a major challenge in the development, tracking and assessment of products and knowing whether a restricted substance has been used. The consequences of not having accurate substance information can lead to severe and long-standing consequences, including:

  • Certification/compliance failure
  • Longer time to market
  • Product recalls
  • Brand damage
  • Corporate liability and risk
The rapid growth in substance restrictions, driven by international regulations. The rapid growth in substance restrictions, driven by international regulations.


Typically, manufacturers request information about the composition of chemical products and “preparations” from their supply chain. These preparations include paints, surface treatments, cleaners, fuels, lubricants and a variety of process chemicals. However, supplier declarations are difficult to source and manage. They can be be incomplete, ambiguous and inaccurate.

Safety data sheets contain information needed for safe handling, storage and emergency procedures for products. They include lists of ingredients that are legislated in a particular country or jurisdiction. More comprehensive lists of ingredients can be generated for a preparation if SDS from several carefully selected, diverse jurisdictions are aggregated. This is difficult and expensive for individual companies to do on their own, which is why Ansys has teamed with Chemwatch to provide an automated service that generates chemical composition information for preparations used in manufacturing.

Chemwatch will help you access the right data

Chemwatch’s global SDS database provides you with precisely targeted information from their repository of more than 70 million safety data sheets. Chemwatch has built up an extensive and mature data extraction process over more than 30 years, using a large and experienced team of data experts. This process captures ingredients data from the SDS required for management of restricted substances in products. Chemwatch “rolls up” SDS data from three diverse regions, ensuring you have access to a comprehensive library of substance information. The depth and extent of Chemwatch’s SDS database enables you to have a more complete overview of product-related data, helping you ensure any regulatory requirements and legal obligations can be met.

Chemwatch’s SDS database ensures easy access to difficult information. Chemwatch’s SDS database ensures easy access to difficult information.


Data is sent in a form that can be easily imported into your Granta MI Restricted Substances database and used for reporting on the substance composition of materials, parts and whole bills of materials.

The benefits of Chemwatch for Granta MI include:

  • Easy access to 70+ million SDS on the Chemwatch system
  • Pre-extracted, quality assured data, aggregated across multiple jurisdictions
  • Automated import and regular updates of ingredients data, ensuring quality and saving time
  • Integration with Granta MI for seamless product material management
  • Simplified reporting to regulators, .e.g. REACH, the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals regulation of the European Union
  • Regulatory compliance for a range of regulations across the world.

“Chemwatch for Granta MI gives Ansys customers an automated service that provides top quality ingredients information specifically for the products and preparations that matter most to them,” says David Cebon, Chief Technologist for Materials at Ansys. “This means that they don’t need to manage complex supplier declaration processes or manually mine the limited data available in their own safety datasheets. We are delighted to be partnering with Chemwatch to provide this revolutionary approach to a very difficult data problem.”

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