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Curt Chan


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Curt Chan

Go-To-Market Strategy Manager, Vocational Education, Autodesk

Curt Chan is Go-To-Market Strategy Manager, Vocational Education at Autodesk. As a Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Ansys, he worked with students, start-ups and larger companies to embrace and get the most out of the new generation of simulation-led design products like Ansys Discovery. Prior to Ansys, Curt worked as a Technical Evangelist and Account Manager at Autodesk. Aside from industry experience, Curt offers expertise in a variety of 3D CAD/CAM Tools, complementing his knowledge in Finite Element Analysis Products (FEA) and additive/subtractive manufacturing techniques.  


  • Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering from San Diego State University

Time at Ansys: May, 2019 - October 2022

Articles by This Author

rocket engines

CEA Aims to Democratize Space by 3D Printing Rocket Engines

UK Startup CAE finds an unexpected way to make space more accessible, more affordable, and more democratic: by 3D printing rocket engines.

Young Scientist Exhibit

Power Play: A New Exhibit Introduces Young Scientists to Engineering Simulation

A new exhibit at Scotland’s Aberdeen Science Centre provides budding scientists with hands-on exposure to computational fluid dynamics software from Ansys ― and lasting lessons about sustainable energy generation.

Ansys Discovery Ansys Cloud

Enabling faster Ansys Discovery GPU simulation on Ansys Cloud thanks to NVIDIA and Microsoft Azure

Working with hardware and software companies ensures engineers have a ready-to-perform simulation solution that is always available via the cloud without hardware barriers, providing accessibility and scalability on demand.


Additive Manufacturing Fuels Extreme Innovation at Pankl Racing

Learn how Pankl Racing’s partnership with Ansys helps the company overcome the challenges of designing for additive manufacturing while still achieving the robust structural and thermal strength needed to withstand the harsh environment of automotive racing.

Ansys Discovery Capabilities

Three Exciting Capabilities in Ansys Discovery

See how the addition of Ansys associative CAD interfaces, history tracking, and Ansys Workbench connections make Discovery an ideal complement to most other tools and workflows in the Ansys portfolio.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engingeering with a Phone and Ansys SpaceClaim

In this reverse engineering example, AESC generated a 3D scan, designed a custom-fit boat platform in Ansys SpaceClaim, simulated it and manufactured it.

Moffitt Manufacturing

Moffitt Keeps Manufacturing Plants Cool using Ansys Simulation

See how Ansys Discovery not only speeds up the design process with rapid simulations, it also helps Moffitt Corporation make the sale by giving their prospective customers a visual depiction of their solution.

Ansys Discovery Features

Top 3 Features in Ansys Discovery

Learn how multiphysics capabilities, performance improvements and improved connections to other Ansys applications make Discovery a compelling tool for upfront design exploration.

Qualup meets challenges

Qualup Meets High-Temperature 3D Printing Challenges with Simulation

Ansys SpaceClaim and Ansys Discovery are used to quickly evaluate the influences of design variations on high-temperature 3D printing components.

One Airflow Simulation

One Airflow Simulation Can Save a Business

Ansys Discovery was used for airflow simulation to help CrossFit gym re-open during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Reverse Engineering

What is Reverse Engineering? [Updated for 2020]

See how scan-to-CAD technology from Ansys helps the reverse engineering process, allowing engineers to recreate discontinued or hard to obtain parts

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