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Magnetics & Consumer Electronics Design
Webinar Series - EMEA Region

These EMEA time zone friendly webinars, will allow you to discover how Ansys Maxwell simulation tool can address and solve electronic’s biggest design challenges.

This webinar series introduces the many challenges of the consumer electronic devices industry and how Ansys makes conducting electromagnetic (EM) field analysis possible. Our team of experts begins the webinar series with an overview of the various low-frequency EM components and challenges encountered during the design of electronic devices. The subsequent webinars will focus on how to solve the electronics industry’s main design-related challenges, including size, the footprint of components and devices, thermal impact, manufacturing cost, and mechanical integrity.

Webinar Series (10 AM CET / 2h30 PM IST)


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Power Innovations in Consumer Electronics Using LF EM Solutions

Learn how Ansys Maxwell is now used in many low frequency EM applications and how it can perform accurate simulations of EM fields in electronic and consumer devices.

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The Art of Optimizing Efficiency and Thermal Performance in Wireless Chargers ​

Learn how Ansys Maxwell can impact EM performance due to permanent magnets used for coil alignment, predict core and AC losses to obtain thermal performance and generate a frequency-dependent RL matrix. 

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Achieve Compact and Integrated Power Supply Designs in Consumer Electronics

Learn how to use Ansys workflow for power supply analysis, analyze compact planar magnetic transformers and reduce conducted emissions in electronic power supplies.

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Secure the Right Permanent Magnet Latching System in Portable Devices

Tablets, smartphones, watches, and virtual reality devices utilize permanent magnets. Accessories such as a stylus, wireless charging transmitters, and earbuds attach to them with a magnetic latching force. It is critical to understand the magnetic fields and forces from PMs of different sizes, shapes, and grades and to study the influence of ferromagnetic shunts, magnetization, demagnetization, and temperature dependence. Ansys Maxwell can perform PM modeling and analysis to further the study of motion kinematics of magnetic latching accessories.

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Solve EM Fields and Forces in PCBs for Consumer Electronics

This webinar will demonstrate how Ansys tools can improve PCB designs for higher performance and reliability. Ansys Maxwell simulates low-frequency (LF) EM fields to identify potential EMI/EMC issues for shielding and grounding purposes. Engineers can also predict electric currents distributed throughout the PCB power traces and study the EM forces generated by the magnetic field of the permanent magnets. Computed broadband forces are mapped to Ansys Mechanical for NVH analysis to reduce undesired mechanical vibrations.

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Speed Up Your Electronic Component Design with HPC

Electronic components design and their integration on PCBs involve complex simulations to accurately predict EM fields and forces. These simulations can be computationally intensive and time-consuming. High-performance computing (HPC) capability built into Ansys Maxwell core technology significantly accelerates the electronic component design process, enabling quick iteration, optimization, and validation. Maxwell's ECAD capability allows modeling and simulation of the PCB along with its components and interdependencies. This system-level simulation enables faster identification and resolution of design challenges.

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