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Case Study

Simulation Experience Prepares Students for Careers Using an Ansys Academic Multiphysics Campus-Wide Solution


With many different departments within the college of engineering at SJSU, it can be challenging to locate the specific software tools needed by professors and students. For example, if each engineering department managed their own Ansys licenses, you’d have to go from one department to another to locate and get access to the right tools. Since simulation is widely used for teaching and research at SJSU, this type of system would not be efficient for our engineering school and would make it far less convenient to incorporate simulation into our curriculum at the capacity we have.


Engineering Solution

At SJSU we have an Ansys Academic Multiphysics Campus-Wide Solution license. It is a single license that includes a wide range of products in multiple physics areas accessible across all of our engineering departments, which eliminates the hassle of having to manage individual licenses or locate specific licenses within the different departments. Our staff and students can access the same simulation tools across campus, making it much easier to utilize simulation for teaching, course projects, and research.



In the engineering college at SJSU, one of our main objectives is to expose students to modern tools used in industry, especially simulation software. Having one Ansys license that spans all engineering departments makes it much easier for our staff to provide students with hands on simulation experience that prepares them for their future careers. This allows us to focus on teaching versus accessibility. We offer more than 10 undergraduate and graduate-level courses that utilize simulation in some capacity, allowing us to graduate more than 250 students each year with Ansys experience.


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