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Ansys VeloceRF Datasheet

Ansys VeloceRF is a powerful software tool that offers significant time savings in the design cycle, specifically when dealing with complex spiral devices and transmission lines (T-lines). Its advanced capabilities enable quick synthesis and modeling of intricate components.

Compiling the geometry of an inductor or transformer takes only a few seconds which significantly reduces the time required for this critical step. Moreover, the software allows for efficient modeling and analysis of the synthesized components in just a couple of minutes. This streamlined process enhances productivity and accelerates the design iteration cycles.

VeloceRF seamlessly integrates with leading Electronic Design Automation (EDA) platforms, providing a smooth workflow for designers. It supports the instantiation of ready-to-tape-out layouts, facilitating the seamless integration of the modeled components into the overall IC design. This integration eliminates the need for manual and time-consuming layout generation, enabling designers to focus more on the actual design and optimization tasks.

Ansys VeloceRF is a valuable tool that significantly reduces design time by swiftly synthesizing and modeling complex spiral devices and T-lines. Its integration with popular EDA platforms ensures a seamless design flow, ultimately contributing to more efficient and productive IC design processes.


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