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Lenovo is a global Fortune 500 company and is a leader in providing innovative consumer, commercial, and enterprise technology. Our offerings include high-quality PC products; high-end compute and graphics intensive ThinkStation Workstations and ThinkPad Mobile Workstations; ThinkServer and System x® servers, storage and networking solutions and IT management software as well as, value-added professional services. Lenovo is a leader in technology innovation, as well as product reliability and quality. We base our success on our customers achieving their goals: productivity in business and enhancement of personal life.

Lenovo Products and Ansys Applications


Lenovo ’s high performance and highly-reliable workstations are used by design engineers and analysis professionals worldwide, and are very popular with Ansys customers. Lenovo provides workstations to Ansys for complete certification testing and performs benchmark testing to use in guiding customers toward the optimal configuration in their needs.

Lenovo offers five desktop workstation series, all loaded with the latest technologies for Analysis and Simulation Professionals. This includes the newest and fastest Intel processors, the latest graphics cards and GPU processing from NVIDIA®, Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors, high speed ECC memory, the choice of SSD, high speed Hard Disk Drives, Hybrid Drives, M.2 and PCIe Drives and RAID capabilities. Lenovo ThinkStation workstations are known for their outstanding performance and unmatched reliability, cooling and quietness.

The most popular ThinkStation for Ansys customers are the dual processor workstations, which includes the P720 ThinkStation and the P920 ThinkStation. The P720 is ideally suited for those who want to get the most out of their workstation while getting the best price/performance for dual processor systems. With your choice of Intel Xeon Scalable Series Processor, users can get up to 28 cores per processor, and more simulation and analysis can get done quicker than ever before.

The P920 ThinkStation offers a new level of performance that hasn’t existed in a workstation in the past. It is the most power workstation for CAE simulation and analysis. It is dual socket and uses Intel Xeon Scalable Processors with up to 28 cores each. It has 16 DIMM slots for 2TB of maximum storage. You can now connect NVMe storage directly to the mother board without taking up a PCI slot. Even better it has the power to handle 3 NVIDIA Quadro GPU cards. To top this off Lenovo Performance Tuner software has special settings for Ansys applications that improve overall performance.

Servers and solutions:

Lenovo offers a simplified approach to building a high-performance cluster environment optimized for Ansys applications. The solution consists of recommended high-performance servers, storage, workload and cluster management. It gives customers the infrastructure needed to quickly and easily deploy, run and manage an optimal high-performance Ansys computing environment.

Recommended components include the following:

  • System x 3650 M5: Offers a combination of power, efficiency and reliability in a 2U rack server system. Ideal for cluster management, remote 3-D visualization, and GPU-accelerated simulations.
  • System x 3550 M5: Designed as a compact 1U two-socket rack server, it is an ideal platform to perform Ansys Mechanical structural analysis modeling and fluid dynamics jobs with Ansys Fluent or Ansys CFX.
  • NeXtScale System™ M5: Provides a modular, high-performance, scale-out environment for running large Ansys Fluent or Ansys CFX fluid dynamics modeling jobs cost-effectively.
  • Pre-integrated software (optional): Industry-leading IBM Platform Computing workload and resource management software to help simplify the cluster management by optimizing resources.

Lenovo Solution for Ansys can be deployed as individual parts or as a complete Intelligent Cluster™ solution. The Intelligent Cluster solution significantly reduces complexity by delivering a preassembled, pretested, integrated cluster comprised of best-in-industry Lenovo and third-party components. As a result, engineering companies can spend less time deploying and maintaining systems and more time delivering faster, higher-quality results.


Lenovo can help Ansys customers transform and integrate their engineering analysis infrastructure to develop products better, earlier and at less expense. Key benefits of Lenovo solutions include faster time to value, improved performance on workstations and clusters, reduced costs and complexity, and lower IT risks.

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