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X1 Wind Creates Unique Energy Harvesting

Floating Wind Platforms

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Taking Wind Energy Technology Offshore

X1 Wind gained valuable access to Ansys simulation software through the Ansys Startup Program. The company has developed a disruptive floating wind technology that can mitigate offshore energy challenges and radically transform energy production. Carlos Casanovas, Co-founder and CTO of X1 Wind, explains how the technology works.

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“If your floating design is very heavy and expensive to build, you will not be very competitive, so structural integrity is a really fine line for us. It’s important to have the right simulation tools so that you can do all the optimization that you need to do, and Ansys checks all the boxes.” 

Carlos Casanovas,
Co-Founder and CTO at X1 Wind

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X1 Wind Floats Unique Energy Harvesting Technology

Carlos Casanovas, co-founder and chief technology officer of X1 Wind, envisioned the X30 floater to address offshore energy challenges and deliver clean, affordable energy while reducing emissions across the globe.


Energizing the Fight Against Climate Change

Ansys customers are using simulation to efficiently develop breakthrough technologies that energize the fight against climate change.

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Get Best-in-Class Simulation Software at Startup Pricing

Ansys provides full access to multiphysics simulation software plus high-performance computing so companies can tackle engineering projects quickly and cost-effectively.